Zipper calls SOCOM 4 'the real first SOCOM on the PS3'

Destructoid: Last week, I had some hands-on time with Zipper Interactive's SOCOM 4, the studio's first SOCOM game in four and a half years (the last entry in the franchise that the developer worked on was the 2006 PSP game SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 2). This isn't the first iteration of the series on the PS3 -- Slant Six Games developed the online-only SOCOM: Confrontation, which launched in October 2008 to middling reviews.

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Dante1122807d ago

Hooyah indeed. I can't wait to play this out. Hopefully the beta opens up on Feb 22.

ilikestuff2807d ago

ugh, respawn ranked matches, killstreaks, and two primary guns. im not too sure how "real" of a socom this will be. might sound weird but thats not going to stop me from getting it though, i still think this will be the best shooter out for a long while

XI_-Minty-_IX2807d ago

That's why there's Classic mode.

DaTruth2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Haven't really been into Socom since the first one, but this looks and sounds amazing!

5 player co-op... BOMBACLAT!!!

edit: Just remembered I own Confrontation and only played it twice! Barely any "Deathmatch" games and everyone just plays "Elimination" and waits around in a dark corner for hours!

crzyjackbauer2807d ago

Classic mode is a kik in the ball sack to all the socom fans
zipper just made socom4 accesible to the COD kids
in the process they forgot what socom was all about

i got no proble with respawns but dont make them ranked maches, i do have a problem with health regeneration & killstreaks keep the COD crap out of Socom

morganfell2807d ago

I think this will be a blast but Zipper is ignoring the fact that one of their own, and Zipper proper oversaw and approved every feature in SOCOM Confrontation.

Also anyone that hasn't played SOCOM recently hasn't played it. The game is an entirely different animal with the improvements versus it's first 6 months.

DarkSpawnClone2807d ago

I'm actually one of the people that like where socom is going i am not sure what classic mode will have in it but i do like the option of being able to respawn when i just want to play around and then when i get down to it and get all serious hit up some classic mode..and as for 2 primary guns i played games that has 2 primary guns and its not as bad as you think i love that actually i use to always have 1.Assault rifle 2.Sniper rifle/or shot gun for close combat in the games that had this give it a shot before you bash it there is a beta coming up Give it a try!!

xAlmostPro2806d ago

classic mode isn't so classic to be honest..

No extraction or elimination gametypes, no pistols, no d-pad lean..

i mean really? the pistol thing ,makes absolutely zero sense..

Bits-N-Kibbles2797d ago

when I hear the phrase "Classic Mode". There should only be one mode, and that is what they are calling "Classic Mode"

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Ninver2807d ago

Never played a Socom game before but this one looks very promising. I may have to see what all the fuss is about :)

NukaCola2807d ago

SOCOM was good. SOCOM 2 was amazing. Confrontation was terrible. never played the PSP games. I have lots of faith that SOCOM 4 will be nothing short of excellent. But we'll see with the beta coming with KZ3.

Eskimodog2807d ago

Socom was good, Socom 2 was amazing, socom 3 was ok, Confrontation was alright when the expansion came out, it isnt terrible many worse games.
I hope socom 4 has that same feel as socom 2, i wont need another game for a long time.

xc7x2807d ago

Socom #1 was the best actually,#2 had more variety and features though and #3 was still very good too. I played them all until they all died by hacks apiece too. Confrontation was / is not terrible but it is obviously not a true Socom game so lacks in the gameplay dept.,however stands well as a third-person shooter if with a Socom name slapped on it,dev's did a decent job trying to mimmick the series but no one can copy the masters. i agree that likely Socom 4 will be excellent,ya can immediately tell just by viewing the videos. it may not meet everyone's desires because it's new and not a repeat of the past versions but i think it will set a new standard this gen.

BattleAxe2807d ago

Socom 4 should have been a priority over making MAG. Everyone that was still playing Socom: Combined Assault couldn't wait for Socom on PS3 because thats when they were going to go out and buy a PS3. Socom 2 and Combined Assault were my two favorite Socom games, and to of my favorite games of all time. I hope Socom 4 can bring the magic back.

Raider692807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Well if you like me are waiting for Socom 4 to be like the great Socom 2 i guess you are going to be disappointed like im already!For what i have seen the tactical approach is been left down by a more COD approach!Just like ilikestuff  stated above!Check the Socom forum to see the fans rage!

voice_of_ reason2807d ago

Exactly... what they did to Socom is like if PD took Gran Turismo and added NOS, street racing, cop chases, and hookers... It would ruin it!

Trroy2807d ago


Actually, if they added those things, you could just opt to not use them.

That's like saying Forza would be worse if they added more cars.

Dante1122807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

I know I might get alot of heat for this but this whole "true socom fan" stuff reminds me of when Resident Evil 4 got announce/preview with the new camera view and features and how it's community came down hard on it. "It looks dumb, where's my old view, it's not gonna be in a city environment, grenades!!!" Long story short, RE4 ended up winning GOTY and the so called "true RE fans" ended up liking the game. It's even in some top three now.



I think you missed the point where the old RE fans still hated the game after launch, the new fans which were responsible to the peak in sales abandomned the franchise in the sequel (RE5) and the old fans got some voice on the media again, as anywhere you type RE there'll be someone to ask old RE back. RE4 actually WAS the downfall of RE as every old fan called it before, and the camera was nothing new to RE old fans, it's the same camera from RE Dead Aim (which is a spin-off belonging to the Gun Survivor franchise, as in, a shooter, not a real RE, an survival horror game).


Although you are totally right and I would still add tactical strike to what likestuff said (from the description, it looks like MAG recon UAV, artillery, mortar barrage, cluster bombs, jammers, respawn time modfiers and stats modfiers options, but we don't know if it will be based off from killstreaks like in COD or from squad leader position like in MAG) but I believe in Zipper beyond that.

I'm sure they are trying to appeal to new players (specially KZ3 players) with all that stuff but, considering their track history, untimatelly they shall listen to their fanbase and settle for ranked modes that will please those people. Zipper is known by its great support, I don't think they'll quit it just yet, more likely all this options will be extensively tried on the beta (which, afterall, will have to please Killzone 3 buyers since those are the ones getting this beta) but not necessarily will be like that in the final game.

We'll have to wait and see, but I think in the worst case scenario, classic mode will still end up being the dominant game mode 3 months after release.

Dante1122806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

@ bishop

"the new fans which were responsible to the peak in sales (RE4) abandomned the franchise in the sequel (RE5) and the old fans got some voice on the media again, as anywhere you type RE there'll be someone to ask old RE back. RE4 actually WAS the downfall of RE as every old fan called it before"

Lol, I would hardly call 4.97-5 million (maybe more since this article was back in 09) a downfall or say that it's "new" or old fans "abandoned" (forsake, leave behind) the sequel if they're hitting these numbers (RE5).

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GoldPS32807d ago

Preorder KZ3 and get the Socom beta.

mightyboot2807d ago

I already did that O_O ftw!

danmachine2807d ago

Were getting the beta through PS plus next month aswell


Was this confirmed? Because I'll actually buy into that trap if that is the case.

I don't like any kind of subscription service, but I need to play this beta and I highly doubt pre-orders in Brazil will be including the beta (I'll get KZ3 regardless, love its single player).

_Q_2807d ago

Burn and yes I will probably agree once its out...

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