130° lists Killzone 3 PS3 bundle

VG247: hile the SKU remains unannounced, has listed a Killzone 3 hardware bundle for PS3.

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Rumor3795d ago

this needs to happen bundles=sales

Aloren3795d ago

Not really, they bundle everything here in France, you can get a GT5 bundle, a LBP2 bundle...

Dart893795d ago

Wow can you imagine having those eyes staring at you 24/7

clrlite3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

lol, thinking about that cracked me up.
Can't wait for the Killzone 3 open beta, this one day delay sucks. I will play it all weekend and win one of the special Helghast Editions with the glowing eyes. That way I reallycan have those eyes staring at me 24/7

Jezuz3795d ago

well, you could get an awesome helghast silk poster for only bout $4 on ebay

hellzsupernova3795d ago

i was kind of hoping it would be a custom ps3 with like the helghast on it or their symbol or somthing but its just a bundle lol

KingDustero3795d ago

Sony should have put in the custom PS3 they made for Nike and they would get a LOT more sales.

Anyways Sony really does need to announce things like this sooner than three weeks or less before launch.

_DragonSlayer_3795d ago

If Sony did that, they would lose sales from people holding out.

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