Important Callout To Aussie Killzone 3 Fans

A highly confidential and unique ISA Recruitment Drive is coming to Sydney, and we will soon be on the lookout for 100 of the most passionate Killzone fans to attend this exclusive event. This is not your standard training camp…rather than blood, sweat and tears, ‘The Commando’ will test you on your knowledge and experience of defeating the enemy on the unpredictable and cruel environment of Helghan.

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milkyway2821d ago

lol the guy from biggest loser - wtf is he doing advertising killzone 3 i couldnt stop loling ahahaha

Jezuz2820d ago

i can't stop laughing at the fact that you know that he's from the biggest loser

milkyway2820d ago

i luv killzone believe me but this was humiliating be honest and its hard not to know this guy is from the biggest loser wen he is the showcase of every ad for bg

awesomeperson2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

Lol I'm in Brisbane so I can't but I think I'ld probably be too young to attend anyway -.-

EDIT: Nevermind, reading a comment says it is for other states, I think there will probably be an age barrier and after that video I wouldn't dare :D

distorted_reality2820d ago

Us ozzies have a bad enough reputation in some parts of the world.

This doesn't help.

PidgeottosCrew2820d ago

Where? In England, New Zealand and South Africa?