PSP2 launching in 'at least one territory' in 2011

The NGP, Sony's successor to the PSP handheld console, is to launch in "at least one territory by the end of holiday 2011" according to SCEA President and CEO Jack Tretton - but it's "very difficult" to launch worldwide on the same date.

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Jio2821d ago

Its for things like this that I wish I lived in Japan

aCasualGamer2821d ago

Yeah, this is bullsht. Sony are close to 20 years industry experience and they still can't release something worldwide at the same time?

Come on now, this is getting ridiculous.

I understand if they can't release it to every country out there but they should at least get the most important ones ready by release.

Mr Tretton2821d ago

You speak as if you know what you're talking about.

lil Titan2821d ago

what are the most important countries? if you dont mind me asking, you really sound ignorant

aCasualGamer2820d ago


Well the most important sales wise; USA, UK, Germany, France, Japan.. Spain has also been a big PSP supporter.

I don't get why, after 20 years (almost) in to the industry, Sony can't be more prepared for worldwide hardware launches. They have the experience.

Do i speak for myself when i say, i don't want to wait that long til NGP gets released? Or are those who disagreed thinking i'm dissing Sony by wanting one of their products sooner than launch? lmao =D

plb2821d ago

Yep US release early 2012 most likely I'd say.

Oldsnake0072821d ago

fall 2011 in japan

february 2012 rest of the world

That's what I think.

NiKK_4192821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

yea, i think it'll just be a month maybe in between releases, if that, it's not gonna be a 5 or 6 month difference, that just sounds dumb, it's not the '90s anymore lol seems so long ago

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PS-_-GAMER2821d ago

Im Cravinf For The PSP2

Off Topic:Can Someone report This PSN TO SONY Purp_inf3ction, His on My friendlist and he got costume Firmware 3.56

Mr Tretton2821d ago

I'll get right on that!


Kon2821d ago

Do it yourself, too lazy?

PS-_-GAMER2821d ago

IDK hOw To. Mr Tretton Give me a Word When u Do it.

mushroomwig2821d ago

Looks like I'll be importing, but I'm worried that half of the features won't work because of regional locks. ='/

StbI9902821d ago

If only pirates didnt exist eh? naaah, into the next LOL

xAlmostPro2821d ago

why not just wait a few extra months and get one you know will work from your own region? -_-

common sense xD

mushroomwig2819d ago

Because that's the problem..waiting those extra months for something I could have right away, no thanks.

Stealth20k2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

While the psp2 is released in japan in 2011 (We dont know if its region locked)

the 3ds sells 15+million in 2011

just sayin.

I will be getting both eventualy

@ below........... what you say is what everyone has said against nintendo in portables. The truth is with a lower price, a head start, and basically the same third parties making games for this system plus the first party stuff, plus million seller launch titles in the states and japan its not even fair.

StbI9902821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

LOL, by the time NGP goes nut over xmas, I expect this to u ndertake 3DS for around 10 millions to 20...looking at how hot the handheld market for the portable gaming is...only games gonna save NGP to fail, and looking how things are shaping up with all these studios behind the scene, I don't think the upper hand the 3DS is having gonna make it the winner.

Also, who the fuck care about sales?...bring me games for fck sake.

Kon2821d ago

I'll be expecting a release date by 2013-14 in where i live.

SSKILLZ2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

Yeah I heard they would be coming out in antarctica in 2015 , sucks 4 you :) xD

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