The Battle Between the 3DS and NGP at E3

E3 2011 is next week, and it looks to be one of the biggest shows of all time. Some of the biggest stories revolving around the expo are about the new handhelds we will be seeing. E3 will pit the Nintendo 3DS and NGP (or Vita) against one another. This article takes a look at the position of each company going into E3.

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just_looken3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

wrong heading should be battle between psp(3ds) with a flashy gimmick screen vs a next gen portable gameing device(ngp). but thats nintendo ultra old tech that everyone buys

Fantastical3667d ago

Pretty sure I got it right, thanks!

Chocoboh3667d ago

Except Nintendo has the games for handheld games Sony doesn't. At least, not in NA anyways.

White-Sharingan3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

What games again? Nintendo hasn't released any major games for 3DS yet. Usually they would've released one by now. They need all the sales possible, because if Sony releases de NGP/Vita at $250-300, it'll be a beast to beat. You can clearly see that with all the hype for it. So far nothing negative has been said about the console (public opinion wise and those who have taken it for a spin)

DAS6923667d ago

You apparently don't know anything about Sony...

just_looken3667d ago

"Except Nintendo has the games for handheld games "

do you mean pokemon 3d? street fight n64 portable or another pos mario game?.

AdvanceWarsSgt3667d ago

lol you said the same thing in 2004

In short: your opinion has as much worth as pachter

miyamoto3667d ago

"Nintendo may have had their grip on the handheld market disrupted by Apple and to a lesser extent Sony. "

Those 70 million PSP owners is not my idea of 'lesser extent'.

It could have been all Nintendo's but it's Sony's.
And now is the time the PSP is king of handhelds in Japan.
It was only a matter of time.

It may not reach the 140 million mark installed base the DS has but with big titles like Final Fantasy XIII Type-O, the PSP might have 1 - 2 or more years at the peak of its success.

"Nintendo is going to have to differentiate itself from these companies, and justify why consumers need to spend money on another device when their phones can play games."

The problem I saw that this time around the 3DS was not built to innovate or bring a new demographic of new gamers.

.... with the kind of games present & upcoming, we can tell 3DS was built to 'STEAL' the PSP's hardcore market specially in Japan.

The formula is to make the 3DS: a DS+PSP all-in-one!

I don't know if the 3-D screen & the 'hardcore' games are enough to differentiate from the Apple & Android devices (including the NGP) which by the way also have touch game play & for some ....... glassless 3-D screens too!

But I believe it will still be the Nintendo made game franchises that will sell the device.

Fantastical3667d ago

Your post seems to be slanted towards the NGP, so I will answer accordingly. I will agree with you that Nintendo hasn't done as much to innovate with the 3DS compared to the DS. The 3D screen isn't nearly as big of a "wow" factor as the dual screens (one of them being touch) on the DS.

However, I have to ask: What is Sony doing to innovate with the NGP/Vita?

Chocoboh3667d ago

Graphics compareable to PS3, I imagine you will be able to port games from the PS3 to the PSV as well(can the Wii do that?) Touch pad on the back and on the front of the handheld. Cameras on both sides for motion tracking and other unique features. Sixaxis motion control, along with a bunch of other mentionable stuff. PSV has my vote, but for games I think Nintendo has the best games(or at least, the most enjoyable)

White-Sharingan3667d ago

I say, having a touchpad on the back is pretty innovative. So many possible options for it, especially since it's the same size as the screen itself. I can't wait to see what some devs will use it for. Give it to kojima, he will find something amazing for it.

Fantastical3667d ago

@Chocoboh While I agree that those are great features... innovative? I'm not so sure. 3DS has motion sensing and a camera on both sides. PS3 -> PSV is not what I would call an innovative feature, but a great one nonetheless.

The PSV is certainly the more impressive on the tech side, but I don't think that's it's exactly innovative. The touchpad on the back is really the only unique thing thing it has over the 3DS, and I don't see that getting a whole lot of use, although I would love to be proved wrong by Sony.

live2play3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

NGP tooK the touch, cameras, motion sensor ideas from NINTENDO
relax its what sony does, they follow while the big N leads

Spitfire_Riggz3667d ago

Well I think this is the first time we might get a taste of practically having a home console on the road. If we are given a great UI and easy to access online play with our friends, including good chat features and proper friends list, that is very much ahead of not only nintendos handheld but the wii as well. I think thats new and refreshing. (for a portable)

KonaBro3667d ago

but it sounds like you are slanted towards the 3DS Fantastical. Yes the 3DS has a gyroscope inside and a camera on both sides. Guess who else has that? The iPod Touch and soon NGP. The only thing going for the 3DS at the moment is beefier graphics and 3D. There really isn't anything about the 3DS that leaps out at you and it is this reason why it isn't selling as well as Ninty would like. Combine that with a lack of compelling launch titles, it's not surprising. I look forward to later on this month so I can get the LoZ remake for my 3DS.

Just_The_Truth3667d ago

the ngp runs andriod apps and has two real analog stick as well as a touch screen and touch pad on the back and can possibly support Sony new smart AR no cards required and it has 3g for gps, acessing the ps store, streaming videos, music and games from ps3(remote play) location based gaming and maybe even online gaming. It also has six axis same ,as the move and ps controller. All that's just the things we know about but so far i'd say innovative and revolutionary. Wait for E3 though that when it's cemented

GodHandDee3667d ago

@Caci: yeah inorite? Like that 3ds nub,....oh wait

Anywho with NGP/Vita with the track pad and dual analog sticks you have new gameplay possibilities that was not found last gen or this gen. 3DS has none of the sort. Heck even the touch screen isn't capacitive! If they are gonna 'copy' PSP with the nub at least add two for crying out loud. I just hope with 3DSi or w/e they call the next change will address these things.

If we ignore the OLED screen with much better graphical capabilities of the device, then we should ignore the 3d in 3DS too, both adds something to the enjoyment of the games but nothing on the gameplay side of things.

miyamoto3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

"Your post seems to be slanted towards the NGP"

Nope, wrong assumption.

I did not even talked about the NGP (just mentioned it :)but the PSP & 3DS.

Like I stated Nintendo's 3DS strategy is "If it ain't broke don't fix it." just add more value to it. Innovative or not it does not matter like it used to. The unique Nintendo games franchises will still be the selling factor.

They just extended the life of the DS brand & make it as BALANCED as can be(a big lesson they learned from the Wii's lack of mature games, perhaps which is good for developers & gamers).
Nintendo is now clearly after the PSP's mature gamer market & Sony must beware.

Now to talk about the Sony NGP...

The NGP is indeed a quantum leap, not in form but in FUNCTION, from the PSP.

Innovation? A big NO.

What has the NGP that you wont find in any gaming device past & present save the back touch screen?

Innovation is relative to timing.
The NGP will not only have PlayStation Games & media playing capabilities but a whole new Ecosystem of Android Apps & Games as well - a whole different story of Function!!!

But does the lack of innovation mean it ain't gonna sell when you have a tried and true formula?

Function wise the NGP will be the machine that will totally realize Sony's grand agenda of "The Mature Console Experience on a portable gaming device." That's Sony's goal.
And based on NGP's specs, features & Sony's track record I have no doubt that it will 'get the job done' even better than what the PSP has done.

The NGP is now in a time & a position not to be dismissed as "a mere child's toy" like before.

The one thing I hate about Sony!!! I hate it with a passion that Sony won't allow Nintendo-like games on a PlayStation console to make it a balanced platform. It has always been their weak point.

With its 3rd party support Nintendo is poised & capable to grab that mature gamer market from Sony, its going to be a bloody fight!

Nintendo still hold the kiddie market with a big ass vice grip & its one market Sony has never had an interest to touch since 1995 even until now.

So Sony is in trouble now in one corner?

But which is better:
1)the 3DS' glassless 3-D screen or
2)the NGP's Right Analog Stick?

But let's also not forget Nintendo's weakness - a reputation as a kiddie toy company to parents & mature gamers - something that took decades to cement & will be very, very hard to shake off.

Sony and Nintendo has parted ways & went to two very different directions along time ago. And found success on their respective markets.(yeah sales figure bitches!)

And I believe we will still see it that way for this generation of handhelds. 3DS & NGP will both be winners in their own right.

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DAS6923667d ago

The 3ds sucks... the PSVita doesn't... END OF STORY. The battle is already won, it's just up to Sony to show us the blood and gore.. ;)

AdvanceWarsSgt3667d ago

It's like you PSP fans have slept on a nulcear reactor and suffer from mass dementia as that's the only reason why arguments from 2004 are being used in 2011

DAS6923667d ago

I'm not a psp fan. I hate the psp... and still do, but I know a good device when i see one. The 3Ds sucks just like the Wii did. The Wii only got good 2 years ago at the two previous E3's by adding Wii motion plus and actually promising GOOD GAMES. before that it was absolute trash, not even worth the cheap price it started at.

live2play3667d ago

3DS for me
i gotta have my mario kart, paper mario, super mario 3D
yup, i dont care if you call it rehashed, milked, boring, kiddy, lazy
i'll be there day 1 to pick them up x)
th NGP looks cool but its not my thing, more power to you if you prefer it

blackburn103667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

@ CaCl. Just the usual 'this person did this first' childishness as per usual. The touch screen existed before the DS or 3DS did and so did the hand held camera and AR. In fact Sony was doing AR long before Nintendo did it with the 3DS. So I suppose by your logic Nintendo stole all those things too? Sony is bringing AR to a whole new level minus the cards,adding twin joysticks for a wider range of control and versitility for games, raising the bar for hand held system graphics and of course Playstation Suite extending the network across many Sony devices. Thats how the NGP inmovates. Where are the 3DS's joysticks? Nowhere. Where is their improved network? What do they have? 3D that makes you cross eyed and nauseous and messes up your eyes.Now there is an incentive to buy a 3DS /s.

@ strifeblade every game on the 3DS is a rehash remake or overmilked series. The games for the NGP are new games in the series. How is playing OOT and SF4 on the 3DS any different from playing UC and Resistance on the NGP?

live2play3667d ago

overmilked? oh you mean 3 uncharteds in 1 generation? no wait the 3 killzones in 1 generation? no wait 3 resistance in 1 generation?....oh and ports to handhelds? oh you mean the uncharted port resistance port, gow port to the ngp? no wait you mean all the psp titles to the ps3 right?
3DS doesnt need AR cards(see face riders)
3DS DOES have a better network, streetpass and spotpass are great, when the little green light turns on its like christmas

KonaBro3667d ago

Defensive much? I see how you skipped right past the rehash part. I plan on buying the LoZ remake this month but face it, Nintendo at this point has to rely on the same game we played years ago to get sales. LoZ: OoT, StarFox 64 3D, Mario Kart, etc. Let's not be naive here.

Also, having 3 games of one franchise in the same generation isn't over-milking if each one builds on the previous game's success. ;)

AdvanceWarsSgt3667d ago

And yet you Sony fanboys always say


while ignoring the quality of each game.

Sony fanbase - the most hypocritical on N4G.

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