The NGP’s Final Name Doesn’t Matter

Geek Revolt writes "When the “rumored” final name of Sony’s latest handheld hit the internet, it was met with a lot of negative reactions. This is understandable, “PS Vita” doesn’t exactly roll off your tongue—but at the end of the day, the name is unimportant. Here’s why it doesn’t matter, and why calling it PSP2 was never going to happen."

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ThePsychoGamer3668d ago

Just being idea of being able to play Yakuza 4 on the go is enough for this to be a day one for me.

Can't wait to see what this has in store.

tehpees33668d ago

I'm saying what I said all along. has a nicer tune to it than simply PSP 2

young juice3668d ago

name is kinda corny to me. but atleast its better than "kinect" ugh it sounds like a bootleg fatality.

lil Titan3668d ago

people and names smh SO if it doesnt have a nice ring to it they wont pick it up? GOOD less idiots online then.

what dumb customers sound like - "I picked it up because it has a cool name and its SHINY" you can apply this to anything really
the nerds go in to specifics about what they bought and why, gotta love the nerds, NERDS!!!

SilentNegotiator3668d ago

I agree. The name simply doesn't matter.

Guess the name of the second most sold console of all time. That's right; "Wii"

Kon3668d ago

I don't care TOO much about the name, but it is an important part of the product . I kinda like to have a thing with a pretty name.

jujubee883668d ago

The fact he still refereed to it as the NGP (in the title) shows that the PSP successor does kind of need a name but, it will all get figured out.

Just don't cut the effing RAM and leave all the specs top notch Sony!

Game0N3668d ago

trophy sync between ngp and ps3=WIN

blackburn103668d ago

PSV.Playstion Life. Playstion Lifestyle. Get over it.

Max_Dissatisfaction3668d ago

Actually its Playstation VITA lol, I see you went out of your way to mention all the names that AREN'T the right one. Maybe you are the one that needs to get over it?? Just thinkin out loud here...

blackburn103668d ago

Are you really so dumb? Vita means Life. Playstion Life . PSV short for Playstion Vita. Are you just trying to be difficult or are you just naturally thick?

TBM3668d ago

I just don't see the problem with the name. I happen to like it and even if I didn't that wouldn't stop me from purchasing one.


I think its the latter as he seems to hate all things sony lol

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The story is too old to be commented.