Sony NGP Q&A: Video out, Hardware Features, Software, and more

Gamespot writes: 'NGP details spilled in our talk with Shuhei Yoshida, vice president, product development, Sony Computer Entertainment America.'

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solideagle13630d ago

tell me the specs anyone? this thing looks beast...let see how much games sony can pump :)


creamsoda3630d ago

Just google it man, look at wikipedia it tells all the specs and everything.

Jellzy3630d ago

It's a shame there no video out in terms of HDMI but hopefully it has DLNA in some form (media server capabilities).

I like that Sony are looking into providing cross platform specific PS games as one package, i.e. Buy fifa 12 on PS3 and get the NGP version also. A small premium possibly but it's better than paying for the same game twice.

Think valve and Portal 2. Wish more game developers/publishers would do this.

supremacy3630d ago

This is exactly what i thought when they talked about wipeout 2048.

And is something they are looking to take seriously for a lot of its games going forward.

Now this doesnt require one to get the same game twice, just one version thats compatible with the other.

Ju3630d ago

I expected that. This would probably cut into PS3 sales as well. Imagine you can get 720 res with NGP games on a big screen. Why would you want a PS3? Not quite full HD, but 960x540 vs 1280x720. Not much off...

supremacy3630d ago

But see that all depends on the individual and their choice.

Also i think what Sony could do is simply have two similar games with different campaigns under a unified network for cross platform gaming.

That would be ideal and give people a reason why to still consider both versions instead of one.

Ju3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

Sure, but like I said, there will be a lot of people be happy to play the NGP version of the game. That is 1 game sale and one console sale for Sony instead of two, basically cutting both markets in half (or at least he PS3 market). I doubt the NGP will compensate for this, though.

This could generate an NGP peripheral market, like cables, docking stations, controllers, etc. But this is probably not enough for a lost PS3 sales - which has the potential to sell a game on that platform, too.

I'd love to see that from a consumer perspective, don't get me wrong. It would be fantastic.

OTHO, if they have cross game between PS3 and NGP this is a huge incentive to get both. Sure, costs more...but also pays for those features. Without those moneys to be made, not sure if Sony would take the risk to implement those features...

Bay3630d ago

Sounds like good stuff, hope they deliver.

mr_porter3630d ago

so does it have the xmb, i really dont like the look of this menu.

MinusTheBear3630d ago

Where have you been? The menu was leaked ages ago.

mr_porter3629d ago

I know that, i was just asking if the systme had the option for xmb menu

miyamoto3630d ago

No Video Output = Not Gonna Purchase!

I will wait for the NGP 2000 or 3000

Sorry Sony, that is just the deal breaker for me!

For crying out loud I got me the PSP 3000 just for the video out feature! I finished Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep on my 46" Samsung!

And now no video out!
Even Symbian phones have video out today.

First sign of failure Sony. Failure!

Pillville3630d ago

Did you really buy a portable device so that you could hook it to your TV?

Seems like the only reason to put a movie on your NGP would be to watch it on the go. There are dozens of other/easier ways to watch something on a TV.

miyamoto3630d ago

You do understand how the 720p HD resolution of Uncharted: Golden Abyss will be wasted without no video output, right?
This is Uncharted graphics we are talking about.

It was a nice option for gamers with blurry eyesight or farsightedness to see PSP games very clearly.

I was ready to replace my PS3 with the NGP but I guess that ain't gonna happen soon.

miyamoto3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

Visuals. Uncharted is known for being one of the best looking video games available on home consoles, and Golden Abyss attempts to bring some of that beauty to the NGP. The game is rooted in Drake’s Fortune’s tropical environments and looks roughly comparable to its older PlayStation 3 sibling.

The cloud save feature is very nice but his means that Sony is just trying to cash in again with a games that can be played for both PS3/NGP because they want us to buy two games instead of just one. Shame on you Sony.

Ddouble3630d ago

So you're going to miss out on games because you can't output them onto the tv

DA_SHREDDER3630d ago

miss out on what games? I'll be playing full fledged games on my 360,ps3, and Wii 2 while yall are playing the same games with half the resolution. Get real, the psp2 focus is the games, well thats not enough for a mobile device. If people wanna just play games they get a console that does huge games, not these mini's crap. If this was a phone, it would be a totally different ball game, but they are including 3g for what? To game online? You know how expensive 3g is? Its not unlimited like 4g is. You people who want this thing can have this thing. Its not a phone or a tab therefore not worth purchasing imho.

Ddouble3630d ago

Did you even read the article. Every thing you said is proven wrong in it. I suggest you read it.

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