Killzone 3 - Controls Are Everything Developer Diary

Get painfully unfriendly with your adversaries, whether you're up close or far away with the totally revamped control scheme of Killzone 3!

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himdeel3730d ago

...then jumping over cover and over a rocket to stab a dude in the face is EPIC!

3730d ago
zgoldenlionz3730d ago

Totally! slide cover looks great.

HellzAssassin3730d ago

I AGREE! That was the coolest thing in the entire video. My mouth went like :O. Seriously! KZ3 FTW!!!! \m/^,..,^\m/

beavis4play3730d ago

using thumbs to gouge out an enemies eyes is pretty sweet too!

this game is going to pack SO much awesomeness!

karl3730d ago

i just saw that .. it was GODLIKE!!

hahaha.. i went =OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

ugabugaz3730d ago

Can't wait to try it, Bubbles for you.

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MarcusFenixITA3730d ago

after seeing this I can say that the step from KZ2 to KZ3 is like UC1 to UC2 according to nearly every aspects.

DarkSpawnClone3730d ago

I think it may be bigger then that! at least game play wise but yeah my thoughts exactly.this looks amazing i can't wait to pick up my copy!.can't wait to get killzowned on the 22nd!

Cupid_Viper_33730d ago

In all Honesty, can someone please find me an in-game compilation of another FPS that comes close KZ3?

All the other FPS I have played, the gun is basically your head, as in, the only time your head moves independent from the gun, is when you're runing. But in KZ3, it feels like someone attached a camera to a real soldier's helmet and called it a game, as in, the animations is so close to the real thing, just wow.

And please, I'm serious about the question I ask, I really want to see if there are any other shooters out there doing this type of stuff, because if they're not, they need to implement that asap, it immerses you that much deeper into the action going on.

BlackKnight3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

Crysis 1 and 2, Bad company 1 and 2, Operation flashpoint 1, Chronicles of Riddick EFBB and AODA.

All these, similar to KZ 2 and 3, have the camera literally attached to the player models head (Crysis 1 and 2 give you the option of making it more old school ala COD, Halo and so on or attaching to the character model). That's all I can remember for now.

And I agree, I LOVE camera attached to the head of the player model, much more immersive, even if it makes it harder to play.

EDIT: Thief 3 and Mirror's Edge are others.

Crysis 1 death cam (which stays on your ragdoll head)on some sort of custom map:

Mirror's Edge, first level:

Chronicles of Riddick AODA:

Cupid_Viper_33730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

but the crysis vid you put up there is not the best representation of it, I thought the thing was glitching out for a sec, lol. And that's also where KZ3 tops them as well, not only does it uses the camera well, but gives you extras on top of that, like new meles, cover system, (fine tuned it as well) rag doll animation(ballet of death), jetpacks, you're own metal gear (kinda), and the bleeding edge graphics as far as consoles are concerned. And the lighting is improved upon as well.

I remember in another thread, you asked why people thought that KZ3 (looks/or is) better than Crysis 2 on consoles, I know I'm kinda late, but here's my answer, take everything I said up there, and add it to the fact that you can now get all this in 3d, and buy an actual gun for it and play it with Move.

Not trying to start anything, just thought I'd give you my answer to a legitimate question you asked.

BlackKnight3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )


Yea, that video was crap, that was a 15 second search on youtube. I just wanted to prove the point about the cam-attached-to-head was all. I also mention it was a modded/custom map of some sort, hence the glitch. I have my own video for crysis which I didn't want to peddle. I think it shows how the gun is close to the face when ADS and bobs and even has lean that shows the gun moving around (and the reticule) quite a lot.

And what I was talking about with Crysis 2 vs KZ was graphics in that other discussion. Crysis also has 3D, on all 3 platforms. I was trying to ask what specifically is better. AA method? texture resolution? Real time ambient occlusion? (which KZ2 and 3 do not have) Global Illumination? Motion blur/Object motion blur? HDR?(KZ 2 and 3 does not) Depth of field? (KZ2 and 3 fake it in gameplay, only real in cutscenes, similar to Halo 2/3/Reach). Anyways, that's what I was getting at.

Back to your discussion. Crysis 2 has the grapple melee when cloaked, I don't think it is as varied as KZ3 though. Crysis 1 also had the ability to pick up and carry soldiers as human shields and could throw them as weapons, don't know if that's still possible in Crysis 2.

And the ragdoll animation (similar to any game that uses Euphoria like GTA or Red Dead and so on), jetpacks (Tribes, Halo Reach, Red Faction, etc), and the KZ Exo Mechs (Red faction, FEAR) are not original but do look like they are executed very well. But that's gameplay, which I was just talking about graphics in the other discussion, and here I thought we were talking about how the camera is attached and the character body animation is not "stabilized" as much as other games like COD or Halo.

Thank you for being civil. Highly appreciated in N4G.

Laika3730d ago


sure all those games do it too. but i dont think any of them do it better than kz.

BlackKnight3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )


You don't think? Have you played them? Everything I listed, I have played/own. I own KZ2 as well. Plus, how does a game attach a camera to a player model head better than another?

Oh and Another game that seems to do it well is Brink.

alphakennybody3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

@black knight
the thing is most of the game you mentioned they felt floaty, however in kz you feel the weight of each step. Immersion is I believe is KZ greatest weapon( graphics comes in second), and GG reigns in that department.

Inside_out3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

I would say Brink, which was suppose to launch in fall 2010, has the FPS game play dynamic described here down. It helps that it looks incredible as well...

I think most would say Brink has some interesting game play and looks every bit as good as anything out there right now. It's using the same engine as Rage.

Bulletstorm, while not on the same graphical level as KZ3, still looks great and has the same type of FPS game play mechanic seen in this E3 live SP demo...

None of this matters if the game play is not tight and KZ3 looks tight. I think they should of went with a third person perspective for the melee attacks to better show off what is happening, like Bungie did with Halo but no biggie. The point is Guerrilla had to make some changes and they did...wait for the release of the game to see if they pulled it off.

I think games that try to diversify there core game play are the games that will bring in the most players. Worth mentioning is Gears trying to bring in some FPS type of mechanics to the TPS iron sights for the multi-player...looks great as well...NOBODY does melee kills better than Gears...

Laika3730d ago

@ blackknight
i have played all the games you listed except
bad company 1, chronicles of riddick snd theif. and i have seen enough videos of the others to say that, no, i dont think they are better than killzone in regards to animations and being in the first person perspective. mirrors edge is the only one that might be better, but thats debatable

Knuxxx3730d ago

I think you guys are losing sight of the topic. They didn't say graphics were everything, they said CONTROLS(and indirectly gameplay) are everything. The controls on KZ3 IMHO so far are the top of the genera, given they work as good as they look.

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RussDeBuss3729d ago


erm, yes. cannot wait :D

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alphakennybody3730d ago

the game is sooooo beautiful!

ThatCanadianGuy3730d ago

mmmm..Not long to go now!
2011 has been great for PS3 owners so far.

theonlylolking3730d ago

Dont forget about 2009 and 2010 =)

redsquad3730d ago

Oh lordy, those 'Brutal Melee' kills are going to be a blast!
And, three weapon slots... Way HAAAYYYY!!!

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