360° : Live from Sony's Tokyo event : "We're gonna level with you, we're not entirely sure what (if anything) Sony will show off at its Tokyo meeting today -- other than "business [overview] and strategy," of course. All the same, with the rumor mill in high gear about a possible PSP2 debut, we decided to take a chance and fly halfway across the world. Will it end up a worthy excursion with momentous payoff? Some fiscal and corporate chatter? A new Japanese ad campaign featuring a terribly dubbed Kevin Butler? Follow along! (Image from Sony's CES 2011 event.) "

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Cartesian3D2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

I really cant wait.. I want more integration between PSP and PS3, and PSP2 can make it happen (like playing PS3 games without any trick because it has almost all of DS3 buttons)

and Im sure from now on multi plat games will have a PSP2 version as well .( the hardware will be dev friendly too so it will be easy for them )

GO SONY ! make it happen.

EDIT : a dream :: show a Uncharted 3 trailer , all people go meh .. and presenter tell people that was PSP2 footage .. and all of them go nuts..

mushroomwig2821d ago

Not just PS3 games either, if you have a BC PS3 (or play the HD collections) perhaps you could even play PS2 titles through an updated version of remote play.

saint_john_paul_ii2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

"and Im sure from now on multi plat games will have a PSP2 version as well"

idk, i dont really like that idea, PSP had lots of PS2 ports or vice versa, its one of the reasons why people didnt bothered getting a PSP in the first place. if devs to take that route, i hope that they just give us a game suitable for a handheld (like GOW: chains of olympus and Ghost of sparda, or MGS:PW), not a PS3 port. yes give us connectivity between the two different games from the same franchise (like GT5 and GT PSP), but not ports.


watch it while in class :D


WhittO2821d ago

I want more intergration with PSN, trophies, more options for friends/game profiles etc.

That would really be a big plus to PS3 owners over the Nintendo 3DS, people would prob prefer to get a PSP2 game over a 3DS to get the trophies for PSN profile and play online with friends..

PshycoNinja2821d ago

I have a desision to make now.

Stay at school for another hour and watch the conferance


Rush home at 9:15 and hope I dont run into traffic. (my house is about an hour away from my college)

Rage_S902821d ago

stay in school then read the news after and spoil your pants

badboy8082821d ago

What time does it start? I live in New York.Also Where can I watch it?

PshycoNinja2821d ago

Starts at 1am in New York and you can watch the live blogs on engadget, 1up, ign, and the playstation blog hinted that they might do something too.

MGRogue20172821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

If anyone is in the UK.. It starts at 6:00 AM in the morning (27th) .. so in around 4 hours time.

lol, I'm staying up. It's 1:37 AM right now.. I don't think I'll last very long, I can already feel myself drifting off. I think I'll set my alarm or something.. yeah, that'll do it.

mushroomwig2821d ago

I'm from the UK, I doubt I'll be sleeping anytime soon but staying up until 6am will be a challenge for me. xD

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MGRogue20172821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

Can't wait to see what the PSP 2 looks like... The anticipation is killing me.

mushroomwig2821d ago

I hope it's a design I like!

rambonz2821d ago

awww yea 7pm NZ time, lucked out on the timezone. E3 and CES are usually at ungodly hours of the morning for me.

gaden_malak2821d ago

Yeah, you wake up to mass gaming news and miss out on heaps of others during those times (Aussie here)

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