PSP2 To Be As Powerful As Apple's Next iPad & iPhone?

While all the rumors so far have indicated that the PSP2 will be about as powerful as PS3, newly leaked specifications for Sony's next portable would seem to indicate that it could be on par with Apple's next iteration of the iPhone and iPad devices.

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donniebaseball3731d ago

Interesting rumor! I think if it's true, then it's bad news for Sony. If you can have a device that's just as powerful but with access to App Store, why would you get a PSP2 instead?

Istanbull3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

Because I won't have to pay fucking 600 dollars for an overhyped phone to get App store, just to play Flash-like games?

The iPhone and iPad are not gaming handhelds, the competition is between PSP2 and 3DS.

Pixel_Enemy3731d ago

If it is as powerful as a PS3 like it is rumored to.. It will trump the iPad and then some.

Buff10443731d ago

Whether you like it or not, Apple directly competes with Sony and Nintendo.

KillingAllFanboys3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

you know with an contract it is $200 or $300 0_0 just to correct you, 0_0 But in competition your right it is only PSP2 or 3DS, The Iphone and Ipad is not competition it is just a choice get an Apple phone or an gaming handheld, it is like saying get an HDTV for $300 or get an ps3 for $300

Aarix3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

Sorry to burst your bubble but the iPod is marketed as a gaming device. If rockstar games, activision, ea games, epic, square Enid and gameloft wouldn't treat the iPod as seriously as they do. Plus just get a $200-$300 iPod touch i never went back and I've been a gamer all my life. But all in all I'll be getting this psp2 cause it seems interesting. But in a couple years the new iPods but again be thinner and more powerful.

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Fishy Fingers3731d ago

Same reason people still buy the original PSP. Content, full blown games, something Apple iphone/pads lack.

But they clearly have different markets in mind.

Aarix3730d ago

If your happy with gameloft games then the iPod has a couple dozen real games at most $5-$10. Also check out chaos rings and infinity blade it's just shows that slowly (but surely) bigger games will be available .

Trroy3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

The iPhone does not have gaming controls. Everything is touchscreen.

You don't realize how much that sucks, as a serious gamer, until you try it and compare it to a device like the PSP.

Also, if these specs are accurate, it would be considerably more powerful than the next iPhone -- twice the cores.

Arksine3731d ago

Apple developers are still limited by older hardware. They can't focus on the best hardware available unless they want to seriously limit their user base.

The article also mentions the *rumored* GPU in the PSP2 as quad-core variant of the SGX. They seem to overlook that this will essentially give the PSP2 twice the raw graphical performance of the iPhone/iPad.

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Otheros003731d ago

Sony is using the cell for cpu and tegra for gpu according to all the other recent rumors.

buffig3731d ago

The rumoured specs suggest that the psp2 will feature a quad core cpu as opposed to the dual core planned for the iphone. Also the psp2 will feature a custom GPU and more ram. They wont be in the same league

clrlite3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

I'm waiting for PSP2 I think. Nintendo hasn't shown any proof that the 3DS will be much more powerful than the original PSP and at $250(PSP launch price), the PSP2 will not be much more expensive. I might pick up a 3DS too later on if I can find a good deal.

IPad and IPhone are not designed for top notch gaming performance. PSP2 will be designed to last 5+ years and run serious games, so expect it to be a beast.

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