110° Opinion: Dragon Age and Mass Effect

For some people, mentioning Dragon Age and Mass Effect in the same sentence is blasphemy. And despite your feelings about Mass Effect and its success, there are aspects of the series that can be utilized to solidify Dragon Age as well as aspects that Dragon Age would be wise to avoid. Here’s some thoughts on how Mass Effect can help improve Dragon Age.

By Steve Garbacz

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cochise3132877d ago

I'm having a hard time getting into dragon age, but i love ME 1 and 2.

ECM0NEY2877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

Agreed. DAOs combat was so boring. I played for a good 5 hours and couldnt get into it. I have beaten both MEs twice. I hope the combat is improved on DA 2.

Kon2877d ago

What do you expected? It RPG fights, Final fantasy fights are more boring.

ChrisW2877d ago

Well then, I guess this would be the blasphemy statement of the day: "Mass Effect and Dragon Age are both good games and extremely worth playing... BTW, them both being by BioWare has nothing to do with it!"

ECM0NEY2877d ago

It has everything to do with it. BioWare shits gold my friend. Cant wait for SWTOR!!

ChrisW2877d ago

As I said, "blasphemy statement of the day."

mobijoker2877d ago

DA and ME are two masterpieces of two completely opposite gaming ideology.