Star Wars AT ST recreated in The Forge

The power of the forge is shown once again. In RSotD (short for Halo: Reach Screenshot of the Day)

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Bigpappy3731d ago

I have never used the Forge. Is this like "Halo Big Planet"?

KotC3731d ago

Yeah, only Forge came out first

MajestieBeast3731d ago

Yeah and people were modding games before that. Your point being?

SuicideShaun3731d ago

You really can't say "Your point being" after all he did was give a fact in reply to the first post.

FrankMcSpank3731d ago

Halo 3 came out before LBP so his statement was true. It wasn't needed to be said like that. LBP is on a whole new league that Forge. Forge is an ingame modding tool like Far Cry 2 or Tony Hawk had. Instead of explaining what Forge is, KotC just made a pointless remark that came off trollish.

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Aggesan3731d ago

So, can that AT-ST move, or is its only ability to pose for the camera and go pew-pew with its wittle wazer? I want a video!

TABSF3731d ago

Its cool

Wish Lucas Arts would release Star Wars: Battlefront III already!!!

FrankMcSpank3731d ago

or a new Republic Commando

Perjoss3731d ago

be careful what you wish for, LucasArts are not the company they used to be, sadly.

awiseman3731d ago

SWCOMMANDO FTW! that game was the ****!

FrankMcSpank3731d ago


The game I honestly want the most is:

Star Wars: Jedi Knight IV.

Outcast was my favorite SW game next to KOTOR, and I really want another one.

Eiffel3731d ago

That would be a smart buisness move though, LucasArts arn't known in this Industry for doing anything right. They made Force Unleashed II, that says enough.

DarkFantasy3731d ago

by looking at the leaked swbf3 footage it would of been one of the best shooters this gen diffrent from all the rest but when they cancelled it i lost all hope for that game,Lucas arts sucks so bad right now even if they made it theres a 80% chance it would suck :(

femshep3731d ago

did a good job on it
battlefront 3 would be nice for games if it came out.....and it would be a real game and people can stop playing call of duty

Chnswdchldrn3731d ago

woah amazing...

a ATST that cant move created in Forge? Lawdy, now that is amazing!

come back when forge mode isnt just moving around walls and stuff.

palaeomerus3730d ago

No body has to "come back" because your opinion is both stupid and worthless. This is an article about someone who made something cool in Forge. It's not about what arbitrarily happens to amaze you. No one cares about what does and doesn't amaze you. No one made an article about that. You just came here in an article about something made in Forge just to be an ass. Well, congratulations ass. Mission accomplished, ass. Have fun being an ass.