PSP2 vs. 3DS power 'like comparing PSP to DS'

Source backs up PSP2 'as powerful as PS3' claim

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Ratchet5102833d ago

psp2 will match power with the ps3 lol psp2 over power 3Ds, psp and DS. whoever dis agree it means you are saying 3Ds can over power the ps3 and you will be stupid for the rest of your life.

soren2832d ago

lets be honest here the power of the psp? i bet sony will do that becouse there stuped dident thy learn that its hard to devlope on high power sysetms and to montain a decen price point? really ps3 qaulty games hmm i see a fail if they do this cus psp barly had 3rd party suport and ps3 eather so pritty much devopers will get so lazy and just port 350 and ps3 games to the psp and it will have no new games becouse whats the point if u can me the same thing on the ps3? really now think about it i think i would rather make a game on the ps3 thn the psp2 cus atleasty i no the ps3 is kinda selling ok its in last place but its still holding its own uno? now for the psp2 ib be lll pass so yeah