Examiner: PlayStation 3 Bluetooth Headset 2.0 review

Examiner: Those of you PlayStation 3 owners who prefer the least cumbersome multiplayer gaming experience possible ought to check out Sony's latest ultralight headset. As a follow-up to their first Bluetooth ear piece from 2008, Sony has given their first-party headset quite the eye-catching makeover.

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TheGamerBible3238d ago

A fine upgrade from the first. Cant wait to get it.

TBM3238d ago

I traded in the first towards the new one and I gotta say im glad I did it. Its a lot more comfortable on my ears and works great.

Xulap3237d ago

How much did you get for the first one?

I'm thinking on doing the same thing. I love the first one, but it's too uncomfortable on my ear. Plus, the mute button doesn't seem to be working anymore.

TBM3236d ago


13.75 with the power card from gamestop, but I also traded in a bunch of games with it.

What id like to know is who sets these trade in prices for gamestop?

dorron3238d ago

I'm fine with version 1.0. No need to upgrade to this one...

MUHAHAHAHAAHAHA3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

ill wait for the first one to break

edit: ewwww the first one looks nicer

gamerzBEreal173238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

the first one is way to big and heavy this one is sleeker and the lights on it make it look awsome

hiredhelp3238d ago

it is kinda heavy and big i have one. but i love it. because you can use it also to chanrge docking station and talk free handed. i didnt know if this did the same. this important feature for me.
ill stay with the 1.0

JsonHenry3238d ago

Does anyone else have a problem with your mic being too sensitive and not being able to turn your surround sound up without constantly mic spamming everyone else on the game?

DaTruth3238d ago

A bigger problem is the jerks who sit and listen to it for an hour, stew in it till their ready to blow and then, before even asking you nicely once to turn down your mic, they just jump into a foaming at the mouth tirade of cursing!

The biggest flaw of online gaming is that it requires other people!

TKCMuzzer3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

How can you wear a mic and have your surround turned up, surely your just cancelling out your voice and annoying everyone else at the same time. I have to turn my tv down so I can hear everyone properly.

JsonHenry3237d ago

I don't have that problem on the 360, but the 360s mic is just not as sensitive. I just need a way to turn down the sensitivity but even on the lowest setting I can barely let a pin drop without it picking it up.

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The story is too old to be commented.