The most immersion-breaking achievement/trophy moment is in Enslaved

Gamesnark writes: "then I realised that a perfectly good and effective scene was ruined by the achievement jock jumping in front of me, grabbing his crotch and saying 'Yeah baby! You finished a level! WOO-FUCKING-HOO', before farting in my face."

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xxxprettiboyxxx2861d ago

you could just disable the notifications instead of bitching about it...

mushroomwig2861d ago

I don't know about Achievements but you cannot disable trophy notifications, only the friend sign on/off and message icons can be turned off.

guigsy2861d ago

As if you need to write an article about something so trivial.

KiRBY30002861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

immersion breaking is not something "trivial" to me. as of right now, you can not turn off trophy notifications on PS3. I hope sony make it possible in a next firmware update.

I dont want to play The Last Guardian and have stupid trophy icons popping out of nowhere reminding me that i'm playing a video game.

Mmmkay2861d ago

because you really think you are part of another world right?

guess you never played heavy rain....

KiRBY30002861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

wonder why people are disagreeing with me. I just dont want to have trophy icons thrown in my face when I play TLG.


what? yes, i have heavy rain.

Bebedora2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

I agree with KiRBY3000. Imagine sitting at the movie and someone infront of you making announcement that he/she has to go to the lobby right out of the blue while watching who knows what kind of movie -.-

It is an issue.

radphil2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

Kirby i played Enslaved also. I dunno how that scene was broken in immersion, when he didn't even mention the ending of the game.

That was a "WTF" move.

Either way this is making a mountain out of a mole hill to be honest.

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orange-skittle2861d ago

Game was engrossing. Wish I can see more of this type of acting and story telling. I want Monkey's backstory and how he was captured on the slave ship. I hope that DLC will be released later

nnotdead2861d ago

its just sucks the game mechanics aren't as polished as the story and character development. still need to finish the game, but im right before the part that this article spoils, and im not completely sure how i feel about the game.

Acquiescence2861d ago

When I got that trophy I had barely noticed it. Too caught up in the drama I guess. Too busy spilling some of my *beverage on the floor in respect of youknowwho.

*Does not actually spill beverage in the house. I will not ruin a perfectly good carpet.

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