In Enslaved, Ninja Theory Saw the Future

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West may be a cult classic now, but it's also a fascinating predecessor to the popular cinematic games of today.

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darthv72770d ago

This game deserves a full remake. Good game but could be so much more on modern hardware.

Gaming4Life1981770d ago

Yea i actually enjoyed the game and i never understood why the game got so much hate.

TeamIcoFan770d ago

It's because Enslaved kept (stupidly) getting compared to Uncharted 2's graphics at the time.
Xbox fanboys were propping it up as the "Uncharted 2 killer!", so much like how the first Killzone got screwed by being dubbed the "Halo killer", Enslaved suffered the same fate.

coolbeans770d ago


You're relying on a ridiculously slim minority to prop up that narrative.

agnosticgamer770d ago


I played through it beat it good game... I don't ever recall ANYONE saying the game was an "Uncharted Killer"... Ever... Good for what it was though.

Godmars290770d ago

Ninja Theory's ability not matching their ego.

And their ego is enormous.

Army_of_Darkness770d ago

Low scores and some hate probably due to it having excessive screen tearing and framerate drops galore. Could have been a fun, interesting and playable game if it weren't for those technical issues that annoyed me to the point of not wanting to play it any further.

AnnaDea770d ago

This game got hate?

I remember people loving it when it was released one month before Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.

Aloren770d ago

Because it came after Heavenly Sword which was exclusive, so as it happens sometimes when a studio stops making exclusive, people expect too much. Also maybe because it used UE3 and has this distinctive UE3 look (though way more colorful than the average UE game back then...) that was also popular to diss back then.

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Christopher769d ago (Edited 769d ago )

I actually disliked the game. The combat was clunky. The story was cumbersome. But, I really liked the potential that was there and the setting itself. But, I don't think it was hated so much as just considered more like Days Gone, a mediocre new IP but something that could potentially get better with a sequel.

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barom770d ago

Played the game and it was solid but also not all that memorable to be honest. I beat the game and don’t remember much about it. So kind of forgettable. Combat was pretty clunky due to bad frame rate, something we saw a lot of during ps3/360 generation unfortunately.

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Knightofelemia770d ago

Still a great game a sleeper hit to most people I so want a sequel to this game but I am not holding my breath.

Software_Lover770d ago

One of the few games that I finished. I have actually finished this game on pc and Xbox.

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