Killzone 3 Multiplayer Gameplay of Frozen Dam Map (HD 720p)

Ve3tro writes: "We’ve got a couple of videos from the multiplayer of Killzone 3, in both videos we showcase the map known as Frozen Dam.

In use is the STA11 SMG with the Infiltrator class along with the ISA’s M82 Assault Rifle combined with the medic class plus some fancy melee kills."

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soundslike2920d ago

Totally overloaded on this map before I have even played it...

...still gonna watch every second.

trancefreak2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

See the dude reloading his pistol walking into the doorway while taking gun fire. Not an advisable tactic against players like me. Ill take you down.

I can also get a nade into any of those door ways from the lower deck.

Im asumming this video is still the same code we've been playing.

I like when the map gets fully opened up. Its one of my favorites, I also love the snow and think I'll place a xmas tree on Helghan. Well it would be cool.

Immortal3212920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

kz3 to me is shaping up to be the perfect fps game. also its not fast pace like a vanquish fps game.

Just saw the 2nd video and omg! talk about taking notes, halo assassinations and kz game play! PERFECT

and another thing for the 360fans.... What you saw was game play. there were no cg cut scene

crzyjackbauer2920d ago

gotta agree with you Immortal321
looks like the games controls are smoother now
aiming with the sights looks like it actualy helps
not like kz2, i want a demo for xmas

MidnytRain2920d ago

I got a woody when he slit his throat at 0:58. Gorgeous.

Black-Helghast2920d ago

Wow, see people? This is a game made with love on the PS3. Go play black ops and see HOW MUCH LOVE Activision/Treyarch Gave us. Thats why i'll keep buying Activison games...

Ducky2920d ago

... that's why you'll keep buying Activision games?

You should proofread your comments to check if you any words out.

(...or was it sarcasm?)

raptorjacob2920d ago

did you do that on purpose? Leave out the word left because if not, kinda ironic

Ducky2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Yea, something subtle I tried to slip in there.

Halochampian2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

The game looks good. But to be completely honest.. it looks like they are trying to be like COD.

EDIT: Come on people. Not saying that it wont be better. But watch it. Kill a guy: 100 pops on the screen. Gets 5 kills: Killstreak pops up on the screen!

aceitman2920d ago

cod cant touch killzone 3 its in a league of its own

Halochampian2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

How? graphically.. yes. But gameplay?? not so much. I havent played 3 so I cant say first hand but 2 wasnt that great gameplay wise for me.

EDIT: Nevermind. I forgot where i was. N4G: the site where every Sony Exclusive is perfect. And anyone who owns all systems and has played all games is always wrong. I forget that...

xTruthx2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )


Pillage052920d ago

*reads name of commenter*
*walks away from conversation*

Halochampian2920d ago

tell me what does being a fan of Halo have anything to o with it? Please tell me.

y0haN2920d ago

I agree. It's a shame that all shooters are having to follow in the CoD style in order to be successful nowadays.

hiredhelp2920d ago

he he why do you think this is like cod. have you played the first killzone on the ps2 and the second on the ps3. cos it sais a multiplyer on screen doesnt make it like cod.
if activision had the art and the engine that gurila games have. they wouldnt be bothering with crappy pixels and over ramp perks to make the game easyer. trust me if 360 had kz2 or 3 you wouldnt be trying to sh*t on the game.

Halochampian2920d ago


Look at my psn account. Look to see that I do own Killzone 2.

And I stated in my first comment why I feel it looks like cod. Killzone, Medal Of Honor, and COD all have the same style (almost).

People on here crack me up. And I can play your little game too Hiredhelp... I bet if it was on the 360 you would say it sucked and overrated! Because thats what happens to all 360 exclusives on here.

Sigh. I have been on this site for over 4 years now.. and it gets sadder by the days.

trancefreak2920d ago

Sure halo boy and buy having a gun in the game makes it even more like cod.

Guerilla has retooled this whole game already from the gamers feedback in the beta. It wont be nothing like cod annual warfare.

OrganicMachine2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

CODmw was very successful. and what made it so successful is the feedback reward system, which was done before but Infinity ward turned cranked a few more notch to it.

for example:

killsreaks, back in the good 'ol days, all we get from killstreaks is quake sounds and text feedback (GODLIKE, MULTIKILL!!.. etc) very simple, and it was effective.

COD:mw amped it up with the heavy metal riffs for sounds which is very heart pumpin(until heard 3,000x) and visual feed back, the points counting infront of you, and also streak rewards ie uav, airstrikes, etc.. which gives players incentives to camp and gain more..

all of these are feedbacks to the players which make us wanna have more.

in other words, CoD build up on what was done before. All games do. you can're reinvent the wheel, but you can give it 22" rims.

Halochampian2920d ago

"halo boy" lol

By me owning the game.. proves that I have played the game.

I'll just leave that there. Games are all starting to look alike. Medal of honor tried to beat COD by being like them.. and Killzone 2 tried. Like I said.. Im just pointing out how games have looked at the success of COD and tried to beat them.

deadoralive13372920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Your point is invalid. Having number on the screen is COD'ish? and it says kill streak but you dont actually get a reward other than experience points.

sulphury2920d ago

i agree with halochampian, all shooters are turnin to noob cod-esque campfests with low health and cheap strategies....
first resistance2 then uncharted 2 , now killzone3 -_-
noobying up the mp so stupid casuals can get a kill...............

Snakefist302920d ago

Geez a guy whos nam is halochampian of course he is a halo fanboy.

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Kon_Artist 2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

def ganna get kz2

Kon_Artist 2920d ago

Listen, im not a big fan of act.

whether you like it or not everyone is ganna keep buying cod. if there is one game to blame its cod4. that games changed cod and how people saw it. and people will keep buying it like they did ops and what ever cod will be released next nov. its but its going toward the same hill GH did.

the only reason i buy cod is because if show you my friends list on psn. 90% have black ops.

rezzah2920d ago

i buy games for the experince, not because the majority of people on my freind list own a certain game. Its an obsession and in a way its like following a group to be like others.

Saying you get it because 90% of the poeple on your friends list play it is like an excuse to buy the game. Dont lie to yourself, if you enjoy it then you enjoy it. Simple as that.

Kon_Artist 2920d ago

there not as bad as people make them, i have about 30 days put in cod4. i was 10 p. i loved that game.

waw i didnt like it. mw2 didnt like it.

black ops seems pretty. i like playing it with my friends. thats what i mean by 90%

if i was to get a diffrent game like medal of honor. non of my friends have that other then 2 of them and they dont even play it anymore

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Allowen2920d ago

Jesus !

So much articles about the PS3 )
I am loving that !

N4G= N4ps3G

Immortal3212920d ago

yea i notice that as well. and that is why I also I think that the 360 fans think N4G is n4ps3g. I say add more 360 articles but those articles will probably be opinion made articles. So who fault is it really when MS main focus is the kinect?

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