Move & Kinect Consumer Sell Through Update

There are 2.5 million unique Kinect customers and 1.6 million unique Move customers in homes worldwide, Kinect clearly has the edge at this point. Also with 4 weeks of sales compared to 11 weeks and with over three times as many sold last week, Kinect should be significantly ahead by the end of the year. In fact, after four weeks of release, the number of unique Move customers stood at 600,000 worldwide and Wii hardware sales at the same point in time stood at 1.65 million so Kinect has actually sold faster than both combined in these first few weeks.

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jack_burt0n3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

<payment clears>

OMG go go kinect, it has outsold the competition by a billion, I am the controller!?! woohoo

<returns from disneyland>

WOW epic mickey is phenomenal, attention to detail!! there are no camera problems.

<returns from spa retreat>

Yes black OPS is the greatest game evar created, its in no way like buying the same game every year.

ryuzu3067d ago

Hehe - all that and Move has still sold more - no idea what this 1.6 million thing is - more VGC fantasizing I guess.

But really, the hardware is irrelevant - the problem for MS is compounded now by a lack of software sales for the thing. Never registered in the Japanese Top 20 and already dropping like a stone in the UK charts.


Zir03067d ago

But at least the games are actually charting so you know that Kinect is selling. Kinect Sports and Dance Central are in practically every game retailers bestselling charts top 20 consistently. While Move games don't even break the top 100. That's how you know Move isn't only underselling it also isn't bringing any new costumers either.

Death24943067d ago

VGChartz numbers are never accurate. They inflate 360 numbers and undertrack ps3 numbers. They always do this until the big 3 report their fiscal quarters and we see that ps3 still outsells the competition.

DaTruth3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

As if the console war wasn't bad enough, now we have a peripheral war!


Guess their are 4 million Move controllers on shelves around the world! (4.1 million shipped as of November 1, so 5 or so million shipped with Nov. and Black Friday) Not that I care, just found that incredibly stupid!

darthv723067d ago

The thing is...kinect games HAVE to sell because they can only be played with kinect. Move games are virtually any existing PS3 game that has been patched to support it.

There are a few Move dedicated games but I would imagine the sales are driven by those who want to play their current library differently.

Unless MS comes out with some patches to make existing 360 games kinect will see kinect only games sell like that.

Bigpappy3067d ago

Well that is the whole point of having Kinect (creating new exclusive experiences to draw diffent people to the 360). The Move should be doing the same thing, not tacking on to DS3 games. How is that supposed to bring new people to PS3?

gamer78043067d ago

Actually Sony has not released sale numbers through to customers, only shipped numbers. This is on purpose. If they were truly selling well, they wouldn't need to show only shipped to stores numbers of individual move controllers they would show sales of the bundle pack, moves and navigation controller sales from stores to customers, but they don't. Its obvious that Kinect is in a greater share of households.

suckerpunch3066d ago Show
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ALFAxD_CENTAURO3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

In October, PS Move Sold 2.5 Millions, not including Japan.

According to SCEE, PS Move sold 1.5 Millions in October. In America 1 Million.

2.5 Millions from October. Official numbers from October and from Sony.

VGCharts: ''1.6 million unique Move customers in homes worldwide''.


swat3067d ago

shipped not Sold
Sony don't count sold unit

crazyclown3067d ago

unique lol this is complete bs...

Daoshai3067d ago

I own 3 controllers... PS Move is hard to keep track of, because most households need at least 2.

Echo3073067d ago


But wait, that doesn't clarify anything. Sony says they sold 4.1 million units worldwide. If their two terms of retail sales and units shipped to retail are called sell-through and sell-in, how do we know which one they're actually talking about?

They said they sold 4.1 million. Sell-through or sell-in? I love my Move and my PS3 but 4.1 million seems a little heavy for units in the customer's hands.

Jack Meahoffer3067d ago

What Daoshai said...

But understanding that concept requires you to think logically rather than just knee jerk rabid defense of master.

Each Kinect users only need one sensor to play all the games where as with Move a good majority of users buy 2 wands so they can experience all the games to the fullest potential.

Why this is so hard to understand is beyond me. Are we really to believe that 100% of the Move users only have 1 wand? Come now. Grow up children.

rwarner1743067d ago

Jack Meahoffer,

I certainly don't believe everyone owns 2. So taking their sales base and dividing by 2 makes no sense. Just a guess but I would divide by 1.6

Jack Meahoffer3067d ago

@ rwarner174

Fair enough. I can totally understand disagreeing with the percentage of unique users in this guess but look at all the comments. The Sony worshipers go right to crying bias basically skipping totally over the concept of users buying 2 wands so they can play archery and the gladiator game to the fullest.

That's all I'm saying not trying to attack Sony just by simply pointing out the hole in logic.

Thanks for the reply rather than blind attack like I normally get on this site.

ct033067d ago

<<I certainly don't believe everyone owns 2. So taking their sales base and dividing by 2 makes no sense. Just a guess but I would divide by 1.6 >>

Which is almost exactly what VGChartz did. They went with 1.55

suckerpunch3066d ago

ps move sold 2.5 million in october ? or till october ? you are smoking crack aren't you ? even ipad didn't sell that fast.

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visualb3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

why isn't this article marked under rumor?

its from Various Guessed Chartz =|

+ unique move users?

"There are 2.5 million unique Kinect customers and 1.6 million unique Move customers in homes worldwide, Kinect clearly has the edge at this point."

with a spin like that they are going to start a f*cking black hole!

f*ck that. if a customer bought 11 million move units, it would count as 11 million moves sold.

man this site is hilarious =D

The-Tentacle3067d ago

Yet ANOTHER kinect/move sales damage control article. Surprised it took VGC this long to be honest. The whole site is a MS propaganda speaker bellowing out anti-competitive drizzle to the mindless fanboys.

Reminds me of Saving Private Ryan...

"The Satatue of Libery is Kaput!"


kenkaniff3067d ago

People swear that Sony cares about "unique" move owners. All they care about is money. They don't care if one person has 4 move controllers.

xXxSeTTriPxXx3067d ago ShowReplies(1)
Zir03067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

Just as expected Kinect has already passed the unique player installbase of Move.

Sony is really doing a disservice to publishers by not releasing sell-through numbers like MS. Its no wonder it doesn't have any exclusive 3rd party titles, publishers can obviously tell something is wrong if they aren't willing to tell the truth.

kenkaniff3067d ago

Who cares about unique players. A sale is a sale. All of you guys crack me up. What about people who own 3 xbox 360s? Or people who own 2 PS3s? All of a sudden "unique" customers matters when the Kinect is released. This is some idiotic reporting.

xXxSeTTriPxXx3067d ago

just as i expected, ps3 has already passed the unique player installbase of the xbox360.

creeping judas3067d ago

how does one count Move's sold? I would think that the Move Bundle that comes with Sport's Champions would count as one. But what if someone only bought the PS3 Eye and a move controller, would that count? Or do the purchase of move periphials like the extra controllers count? I think it would be hard to come up with a real sales figure for move controllers due to nature of the packaging.

side note : Where's my Wizardy at??

Pedobear Rocks3067d ago

Sony has already said...the numbers released are purely the bundle or the move controller....individual PS Eye and Navigation is not counted.

Jack Meahoffer3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

Yes Pedo but what abou the large number of Move users that bought 2 wands? The people up in arms are trying to claim that every Move wand sold is to a unique user.

It's a perfect example of logic fail. And watch everyone that points this out will be mega disagreed.

I can see disageeing with the percentage of unique users in this guess but I don't see that in comments. I see Sony fanboys crying bias like the love to do and repeating over and over 4.1 million. Shipped verus sold isnt really important to the topic of unique users.

kenkaniff3067d ago

Who cares about unique customers? A sale is a sale!

Exhaust3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

Ken Unique user = 1 copy of each game sold

This sales "war" between Move and Kinect is to attract developers. It's risky to put money into adding motion to a core game or even worse more money on a motion exclusive game that is totally dependant on the device. Thats why add on peripherals are rarely successful unless your Nintendo at least.

KILLERAPP3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

So by this guys calculations and common sense they move have sold only 1.6 since its September 15 launch and Sony says it has ship over 4.1 million move, so let me get this straight that means there are over 2.5 million moves on the back of stores around the world that have not been sold and the store just ask for more when they haven’t even sold their previews shipments???? Does that make sense????

L4DRocks3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

Learn to read do people not bother clicking the link anymore and actually reading the whole article.

It says 2.5 million Move controllers have been sold but some of that 2.5 million is just the same person buying more than one controller. So the actual install base is 1.6 "unique users". Which is still pretty good I don't see how that is bad.

Plus didn't Michael Pacther say a similar thing as well that Sony has over shipped move by a lot. I don't see how it doesn't make sense there are 1.6 millions moves out there it's pretty easy to make sense of if you "read" it.

Death24943067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

@ L4Drocks

How do you caculate which individual user bought more than one controller? That's a really lame attempt to say Sony hasn't sold 4.1 million. You too need to educate yourselves. Microsoft is the only company use applies it's shipped numbers as sold. It's alo funny because there is a shortage of PS Move controllers and an abundance of Kinects on the shelves.

Sony and Nintendo reports sold to consumer since 2006:

heroprotagonist3067d ago

If you think Nintendo or Sony report anything but untis sold to retail I have some beach front property to sell you in Arizona.

JasonW19723067d ago

You keep telling people to educate themselves, yet you seem ignorant of the fact that Sony themselves confirmed that they "shipped" 4.1 move units to retailers:

As for the unique user calculation from VGChartz, that sounds like a total guesstimate on their part. I don't even think Sony could figure that one out. But based on your link, Sony could release their sell-through numbers for the Move if they chose to. Take from that what you will.

ct033067d ago

<<How do you caculate which individual user bought more than one controller?>>

How about you read the article? They surveyed PS Move owners and came up with an average of 1.55 Move controllers per owner.

Ju3067d ago

" I don't even think Sony could figure that one out. "

We have Patcher for that. If nobody else can see it, he can. /s

And, well, in this case "sell through" is rhetorical. Sure Sony uses the number on purpose to come up with a larger number. And yet, it's not like the controllers stay on the shelfs for too long. Saying "sell through is 2.5M" is a guess - simply you can pull any number out of your ass which fits your agenda.

"We sold 4.1M to stores and they are asking for more" is also something what Sony said. Maybe that's a blatant lie, but still that came from an official channel.

Biggest3067d ago

What people say at random times of their life is not important. JasonW1972 might have a case. . . If it wasn't just some guy saying some things. Go check Sony's official quarterly statement when it's available. That is when you will get accurate numbers. They are required by law to report accurate information in those reports. It isn't word of mouth. It isn't some guy saying something that he can retract minutes later because of an innocent mistake. It is printed and published as truth and must be so. Sony has not lied about anything until they lie on those reports. Microsoft has not lied about anything until they lie on those reports. VGChartz is and will always be fake. They will lie about everything because they won't know anything until everyone knows. Anything they say before everyone knows, is a lie.

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