PS3 Attitude - Killzone 3 Beta Impressions

It was just shy of two years ago when Killzone 2 exploded on to the scene and inserted itself as yet another multiplayer juggernaut on the PlayStation 3. As crowded as the genre already is, Killzone has always found a way to set itself apart. Now, PS3 Attitude has had some hands on time with the Killzone 3 multiplayer beta and they're ready to bring you our impressions. So how does it hold up?

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TH3 W1NGM4N2988d ago

I'm just not sure about Killzone 3. I was not that impressed with the beta and Black Ops is so good right now.

piramides302988d ago

Black Ops sucks vs Killzone 3 beta or even Kz2.

NecrumSlavery2988d ago

Black Ops has a nice interface but holy hell COD BO's hit detection is as reliable as old Florida voters. Killzone is designed around a fluid hit detection system. The beta is obviously a very early build and the interface is a barren as any beta. But the gameplay is amazing as ever. It is fun and completely fluid. I am super excited for KZ3. I only got COD cause sadly it's what everyone plays, so I sheep on it just too. But with all the games coming, COD is going to end up a trade in. Hell, there'll be another COD in the fall. They are a dime a dozen.

dead_eye2988d ago

lol black ops is fun but it broken to fuck compared to the KZ3 BETA

CTU-Almeida2988d ago

and that the PS3 Boys can't stand that there are games on both platforms which are great.

R_aVe_N2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

CoD sucks on both controllers so your post is pointless... The game sucks period it was very badly done on both systems...

dead_eye2988d ago

It sucks on the xbox 360 controller as my hands are both the same so both sides of my controller should be the same.

Holeran2988d ago

You've got to be kidding right? Not being impressed with the KZ3 beta is like saying you're not impressed with Kim Kardashians body, and yes there is a 2% population of homosexuals in the world but most of them would also admit Kim Kardashian has a smoking body.

THE TRUTH2988d ago

Ouch! Now that's a damn good reply!


Looks like a 360 fanboy making shit up!

Im in the beta and I have black ops... Black ops cant even compete with modern warfare 2... let alone KILLZONE 3! The Beta is insane and easily the best shooter of all time hands down! graphics are great and the sound has been improved and soundhoring is very useful. The sound of the mecs will make you juzz and when you hear the alarm when the mec is about to explode you will shit your self... only dice has better sound and thats a unexpected suprise... there are some flaws in this game but they are fixable. this game is a 10/10 hands down and game of the year contendor next year...

N4Great2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

[email protected] new multi account for ms employee.

Trolliar detected ! (ctu-zlmeida is also a new mutli for dumb trolliar)

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49erguy2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

Okay I've read 100000000000000 beta impressions and seen 1000000000000 more vids. When are we goning to see some single player besides the Arctic E3 gameplay?

RevXM2988d ago

Or even TECH interviews demonstrating the technology.
one thing I loved with Kz2 was the HRS.
I would like too hear and see what they have done with the Hit Response System, and for example the AI.

cyberwaffles2987d ago

why spoil yourself with the campaign? we already know what kz3 is made of on just the multiplayer front; maybe it would be better to surprise yourself when you finally play the campaign as it will offer better graphics and even better cinematics.

49erguy2987d ago

I suppose you're right to some extent cyberwaffles, but knowing a little about the story and the 2 opposing helghast forces that you're caught between, the campaign will probably be the best this gen. KZ2 was a test run compared to this.

cyberwaffles2986d ago

you're definitely right about kz2 being a test run. can't wait what kz3 will be like, especially hearing that they got inspiration from ND and Uncharted; the standard de facto of new IP story telling. and i won't lie, i would probably check out some campaign videos if they were released lol.

Rhezin2988d ago

Don't bring that trash inna K3 comment section.

CTU-Almeida2988d ago

Killzone 2 sucked so much online. Graphics don't make a game alone PS3 Boys - keep that in mind. I think that PS3 Boys just look at the game and don't actually play.

gijsbrecht2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

Killzone 2 doesn't suck at all online. It feels so more satisfying than any CoD game I played. And for your information, I still play KZ2. And it's not as broken as MW2 and BO seem to be. I can't wait for KZ3. It's actually a series that improves rather than degenerates.

raztad2988d ago

You havent played KZ3, so how would you know?

Holeran2988d ago

Obviously you have not played the KZ3 beta.

RevXM2988d ago

BRAND NAME with millions of faithful sheeps dont make a good game alone.

And you say Kz2 is bad?
Like Black ops is even playable?

Kz 2 is way more satisfying and realistic, than gun on a levitating stick gameplay.
And Guess what, it actually works, in contrast to Treyarchs crap.


Is just another new multiple troll account.

redsquad2988d ago

Can you offer any insightful critique beyond it "sucked"?
Your disparaging remarks towards PS3 owners suggests you're not one of them - Ergo, you haven't played KZ2 and I suspect your dismissal of it derives from your inability to play the game on that machine in your avatar.

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CTU-Almeida2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

When I played the game I've never felt really connected to the game according to its bad controls. I don't know how KZ3 plays but I hope they improved it like they said.

raztad2988d ago

Very positive impressions all around. My own experiences are really good and the beta is totally serving its purpose of gathering feedback and finding bugs. KZ3 is gonna be a hell of a polished, fun and eye poping game.

Multimillion sellers like CoD:BO could totally use a good beta period and not have people paying $60 to beta test the already released game.

8-bit2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

My only issue with the beta is the match making system. It needs some fine tuning. Most matches I get into are one sided as far as player count goes. The option to switch faction would help big time. Other than that I love it.

raztad2988d ago

Agree. Match making is bugged as of now and the option of switching sides is a must.

Other thing is the lack of lobby. Dont know if the release version isnt supposed to have it or it was just left out in the Alpha build we are testing.

dead_eye2988d ago

sad to say but I think the lobby is gone.

Match making is broken for kz3 at the moment but they do have a thread for you to write in when the teams are unbalanced so should be sorted for release

yoghurt2988d ago

Love the beta, yes it feels slightly different from KZ2 but I feel it still retains it's KZ personality and without a shadow of a doubt the best graphics I have seen in a FPS.

With only a couple of months to go until release, we MUST start seeing some new levels, getting more info shortly hey?

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