New Sexual Catherine Screen Hints at Gameplay Element

Atlus hasn't hidden the fact that their upcoming title, Catherine, is heavy in sexual content. In each trailer a form of sexual content is revealed, but so far the content has been tasteful and hasn't crossed any lines to stir up controversy. At the end of the second trailer, Vincent is seen sitting in the bathroom when he receives a picture text message. Well, the picture that Vincent was looking at has been revealed and Catherine is sharing plenty with Vincent in her 'sexting' message.

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Shackdaddy8363274d ago

Is this some kinda porno game? I dont want to look into it cus I'm not into hentai.

If it is then thats disgusting. Watch real porn ya creepers.

MattyF3274d ago

It's the latest project from the Persona team at Atlus. They went a more mature route with it this time and have used sexuality as a point of interest.

TheHater3274d ago

bottom line is, you ain't going to get any action from either. The are just videos :)

Shackdaddy8363274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

Thanks for the info :)

Not gonna buy it.

Theres a big difference in Hentai and real porn. Hentai is with cartoons which, imo, is really nasty and sad. I caught my roommate watching hentai the other day(not jacking-off, thank god) and it was probably the nastiest thing Ive ever seen.

But w/e thats just my opinion.

Lol at your second statement BTW :) So true.

Persistantthug3274d ago

I may or may not buy it...but I like having the option.

ExplosionSauce3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

How can drawings be nastier than reality???
That's kinda... dumb, lol.
It was like the first type of pornography way before photography and film existed.

nilamo3274d ago

I bet this guy gets off to beastiality and shemales, because let's face it real =/= nasty right smartass?

Titanz3274d ago

I wanna know what G4TV will say about this title when its released.

And they think Other M is sexist?

Masamori Sumimura3274d ago

Man , just give us gameplay videos arlready.

fight4love3274d ago

we see no gameplay videos but we see these sexy pics and stuff like.

despair3274d ago

Even with the added mature content it looks interesting, there are 2 trailers I've seen and both actually make me want to see more on the game. Seems like its a cross between the relationship of the guy and Catherine and a murdered out to get him, they use nightmares for the gameplay with some very demented stuff and it all looks very interesting. Its from the Persona team so it should be good.

mricecreamman3274d ago

the more and more of less i know about this game of wanting to know more makes me want this game regardless of what i know is about!

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The story is too old to be commented.