X360: NBA Live 07 Screens

Some new exclusive images to wet your whistle.

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Gamer136011d ago

Nice screenshots thou.

OutLaw6011d ago

You have a big mouth for somebody who don't contribute nothing to the site.

Hey if you want I'll give you my number and you could try to do it yourself B!tch?

kingboy6011d ago

nice responds,many preys in here who only comment but can`t contribute news

OutLaw6011d ago

It seems like Gamer13 has it out for me from some comment that he started the other day. Because if he didn't he would had just said Outlaw should get his ass beat. But instead like a little girl he says the person who submitted this news needs his ass to be woop.

Like that was necessary when you could clearly see who post it, He's nothing but a wannabe.

Gamer136011d ago (Edited 6011d ago )

I was messing around with you lol i new you would get mad, anyway nice news outlaw and the reason i say that is to see wether your around.
fcukre just relax its a joke.


OutLaw6011d ago (Edited 6011d ago )

What me and you are homeboys so you think I should understand when you're playing?

You ever ate at my crib?

Maybe my friends list on Xbox Live?

If I was you Fnckre, why don't you relax.

That's the problem with alot of people they think because they act like a fool everybody should accept it. Well I say Gamer13 go Fnck yourself I'm not a child to be joking with. Save your stupidity for someone else.

Gamer136011d ago

I started it so i will finish it, outlaw all you need to do is go find more news for the site and stop the bullsshhiitt talk.

OutLaw6011d ago

You're not finishing nothing, You're weak. Don't ever think you could tell me what to do. If you was in front of me I would snap your little b!tch ass in two. Hey here is a thought, why don't you find some news instead of acting like a pnssy.

Gamer136011d ago (Edited 6011d ago )

To woop the shiitt out of you - motherfcckerr like you don,t now shiitt, bullshhiit ass name outlaw where did you find that name pusssyyy, scared ass boy.

OutLaw6011d ago

Hey whats up, If you live in New York we could schedule the beating I would give you. Just drop me your digits [email protected] So I could comatose your ass.

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The story is too old to be commented.