Home sweet NBA Street: Homecourt screens

When news broke out that EA Sports has cancelled altogether NBA Live 07 for the PlayStation 3, it sure was a sad day for basketball aficionados as it definitely meant one basketball title less to enjoy. Their reason? They wanted to make sure that they will be able to focus more on NBA Street: Homecourt.

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Deafman4205863d ago

I want this game...but its from EA...Sh!t naww...aint making me no hypocrite. Screw u EA

wiggles6665862d ago

I've always loved Street and some of the screens here look nearly photo-real. The shots of the courts are really incredible, not so much the characters.

DEIx15x85862d ago

Every street game has always seemed to have incredibly nice looking levels/arenas/courts/fields (what ever you want to call them) regardless of what sport it is.

donscrillinger5862d ago

the same thing would have happend if there was an 2k football .there would not be any more half done wack azz madden ...!!!!!!!!!