Live is Dead for PS3

It's been forever since we last heard anything about the PlayStation 3 version of NBA Live 07 (which was announced at E3 2006 back in May), but that's for good reason. According to EA representatives, whom we spoke with just moments ago, the PS3 edition of Live has been cancelled altogether and will not be coming out for the system until next year (NBA Live 08).

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PS360PCROCKS5334d ago

ah that's just not cool, well atleast you still have one b-ball game for launch...

kmis875334d ago

At least we still have the better one (2k7).

Marriot VP5334d ago

didn't know you played it

kmis875334d ago

I haven't, just based on reviews. Live got a 61 on metacritic so I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume that it sucked.

kikilala5334d ago

i guess EA want to avoid humiliation after they've seen NBA 2k7.. thats why they scrapped the title release.. NBA 2k7 will surely pwned Live 07 big time...

eques judicii5334d ago

There are a lot of people who (wrongly) stick by Live and probably won't pick up a ps3 because of this (well, at least not for a year)

EA has grown more evil over the years and i'm sorry to see sony become another victim..

D3acon5334d ago

It seems a lot of garbabage is coming from them, what happened? I believe the franchise fell off shortly after the genesis(in football) and probably after the 2000 release of live for the ps2.

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The story is too old to be commented.