2K Sports aiming for next-gen success

With EA canceling NBA Live 07 for PS3, 2K Sports has a real opportunity to position itself on next-gen. Gamedaily.com spoke with VP of Marketing Erik Whiteford (right) about the company's battle with EA Sports (there's a fair amount of trash talking!), their next-gen strategy, plans for the football and baseball categories and more.

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TheMART6307d ago

Isn't NBA Live 07 still on 360?

I guess next gen sports are better positioned on the 360. With also Fifa 07 and PES6 only on 360 up to Christmas 2007.

Monchichi0256307d ago

Those were the best football games bar-none!! Madden is just awful! I bought it and returned it with two weeks because it could not hold a candle near 2K. Can't wit till that damn 5 year contract is over!! damn you NFL for your stupid business move with EA!!

kewlkat0076307d ago

I hate Madden. I was so used to my 2K series ever since my beloved Dreamcast. Damn contracts.

FirstknighT6306d ago

yeah 2k7 is way better than Madden. Scared EA to pick up the nfl contract. Just imagine first person mode in a 360!

HyperBear6307d ago

just stay clear of NBA 07' from SCEA. THAT GAME just sucks. i traded it in for NBA 2K7 for the PS3, and 2K7 is way better.

VirtualGamer6307d ago (Edited 6307d ago )

They set the bar high and make sure their games look good no matter what system it's running on. I wish every developer had this kind of attitude. I agree HyperBear that NBA 07 was not anywhere near as good as NBA 2K7.

highps36307d ago

Sony's NBA game is by far the best gameplay and graphics wise basketball game out. NBA2k7 really isnt on the same level at all. Make me regret my 360 purchase. Returning FTW!

VirtualGamer6307d ago

Funny IGN rated the 2 games as follows.

NBA 2K7 8.5 NBA 07 7.5
NBA 2K7 8.5 NBA 07 8.0
NBA 2K7 8.0 NBA 07 6.5
NBA 2K7 8.5 NBA 07 7.5
Lasting Appeal
NBA 2K7 9.0 NBA 07 8.0
NBA 2K7 8.5 NBA 07 7.8

Don't like IGN..lets see what GameSpot had to say.

NBA 2K7 8.0 NBA 07 5.0
NBA 2K7 8.0 NBA 07 6.0
NBA 2K7 7.0 NBA 07 4.0
NBA 2K7 8.0 NBA 07 4.0
NBA 2K7 9.0 NBA 07 5.0
NBA 2K7 8.2 NBA 07 4.9

It would seem to me that NBA 2K7 is the better game.

DEIx15x86307d ago

I played Sony's game today on the PS3 and the demo of EA's on the 360 and it's sad because i hate everything EA does but i have to admit that they made Sony look like crap. The graphics were lacking on Sony's game in many important areas. The game overall just did not feel like it was finished and in some scenes the players looked like they were from the PS1 because there joints would break open and there limbs would get all blocky. There was also a weird white line around every character that seemed odd. I doubt any of those problems are related to what was generating it but the PS3 in the case was off and disconnected while a really loud fan was coming from underneath, anyone know how the demo stations are run?