Microsoft's Kinect aims big, but motion controller's price tag could be a hurdle

Caryn Bailey, a 32-year-old blogger and mother of two, is impressed with Microsoft's new Kinect game-control system. But she already owns the Wii from rival Nintendo, and she's not ready to shell out hundreds of dollars to switch.

That's the challenge Microsoft Corp. faces as it begins selling the long-awaited system on Thursday ahead of the lucrative holiday season. To succeed, Kinect will need to exude the kind of iPad-like magic that defies frugality and gets people spending to experience something new, even as they cut back elsewhere in the uncertain economy.

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Cevapi883644d ago

the main difference between the move and kinect IMO is that the Move sells and will sell with current ps3 owners, whereas Kinect is trying to appeal to the "wii-owning mom of two" that the article talks about...the Kinect is trying to get a new consumer base, while Move is geared towards PS3 gamers that already own a PS3 all depends on advertising from now on with Kinect...i have seen Best Buy employees and moms interested in what the device can do at my local Best Buy, and the surprising thing was that the Ricochet game actually worked, and people wanted to try it out

Redlogic3644d ago

"and it can register objects so you can scan in your skateboard and "ride" a digital version on screen." - poor misinformed public. I wonder if that is from the first promo video we saw back a few years ago. Anyways, I'd really like to try Dance Central. Just not in public :P

Sheikh Yerbouti3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

"unlike hardcore gamers, who can be counted on to open their wallets in good times and bad, people who play games more casually can be fickle."

Exactly why Move is courting the hardcore as well.