Epic tells Fortnite players on Xbox One to unplug their Kinect

From The Verge: "If you’ve noticed some issues with Fortnite on Xbox One today then Kinect could be to blame. Epic Games is encouraging Fortnite players to disconnect their Kinect camera due to “stability issues” when starting up Fortnite. The issues appear to have started happening today, just as the 10th season of Fortnite, dubbed season X, began. “We’re investigating a fix for this issue, but players can work around it in the meantime by disconnecting their Kinect,” says Epic Games on Twitter.

It’s not clear why Kinect is causing Fortnite issues, especially as it has been five years since Microsoft stopped reserving GPU resources for Kinect. Microsoft used to reserve 10 percent of GPU bandwidth for Kinect, before unlocking this for developers to use as they wish."

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Nu419d ago

Welp that's going to kill Kinect

DigitalDaniel419d ago

Can't kill what is already dead.

NotoriousWhiz419d ago

What is dead may never die.

DarXyde419d ago

Sure you can.

That's what seances are for.

traumadisaster419d ago

I’ve wondered over the years if the Kinect on 360 and x1 doesn’t pull a few resources to slow things down a bit. I still play Kinect on 360 with the kids and they love it and the ps3 move games.

Cobra951419d ago

I think its own hardware does all the heavy lifting. There are probably some system resources allocated to it, but not enough to impact performance--in properly behaved games, that is. If Fortnite is screwing up because of Kinect, that's on Epic.

rainslacker418d ago

It has its own resources allocated within the overall OS regardless of if its plugged in or not. That's a downside of consoles, that variances have to be considered and a game can't be allowed to use resources potentially used by something else.

Nit sure why kinect would cause problems with epics code, unless it has something to do with the directx apis and how they interact with unreal. But, I suppose epic did some testing to say this.

gamer7804419d ago

sounds like fortnite devs messed something up, I've never had a game not launch because of Kinect. Not really a good permanent solution to turn it off. They need to fix this.

Cobra951419d ago

Perfect statement on the issue--downvoted on this site, because of course it is.

sprinterboy419d ago

Why, nobody uses kinect, it was dead b4 kinect ever came out.
Seriously name some games most gamers could say was above average or great? Maybe 1 or 2. Ask a casual =none.

andibandit419d ago (Edited 419d ago )

Because you generally want to have your code working properly?

Whats next? Unplug your screen?

ApocalypseShadow419d ago

Just lol!

Leave Kinect alone. Hasn't it suffered enough this Gen?

sprinterboy419d ago (Edited 419d ago )

Suffered since birth, I blame social services, sorry I mean Microsoft.

No kinect was hurt in the typing of this comment.

gtxgamer2416d ago

False. Psvr is thriving, and with an updated release on ps5 it'll keep thriving especially with the support behind it.

xVOLTx418d ago

More like unplug Epic.

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The story is too old to be commented.