Is Xbox One Kinect still worth buying in 2019?

Microsoft's misunderstood audio-visual peripheral was, at one point, the fastest-selling consumer electronics device of all time, believe it or not, with over 10 million units sold during the first six months after its release. Of course, that was the Xbox 360 version, which was vastly inferior to the "V2" version available on the Xbox One and Windows PCs.

Despite the superior power of Kinect V2, a combination of poor messaging, bad positioning, and lackluster software support led Kinect V2 as an Xbox accessory down the path of obscurity, right into being killed off completely.

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isarai1314d ago

Hell no, only way it's fine is if you're still using a launch model, otherwise be prepared to shell out $50+ on an adapter just to be able to yell at your xbox to turn on. Only reason i could see for buying one is if you're trying to get started as a streamer, even then streaming through a PC is a better choice if you got it.

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DevilOgreFish1313d ago

it can still be used in graphics programs for animations.

FGHFGHFGH1314d ago

MIcrosoft killed the kinect so obviously its not worth it unless you like wasting your money. I think Microsoft did the right thing by ending kinect support because kinect games were trash

traumadisaster1313d ago

There is a dozen or so kid games on the 360 that my kids love, but not worth it on x1. We have about all of the 360 Kinect games and there is some short times of fun in almost all of them. But I can’t even buy all of the x1 Kinect games because they rarely go on sale. If they were $5-10 I would try them all with the kids.

killswitch801314d ago

It was a great product just for the camera and voice stuff ..too bad they pretty much murdered it

SyntheticForm1314d ago

I'd like to sell mine to New Jersey airport, but I don't think the logistical price is worth paying for the meager amount I'd obtain from such a thing.

Immorals1314d ago

I get the urge to play fantasia now and again, but not enough to shell out on an adaptor

traumadisaster1313d ago

After reading the review and being a fan of Kinect I thought that game would be a classic for me. But it just didn’t work well with me, not sure if it was my lack of rhythm or what. I do need to give it another shot though.

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The story is too old to be commented.