Killzone 3 Multiplayer Classes

The Multiplayer Classes and its ability and arms of Killzone 3 from the closed beta

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mrmcygan2917d ago

So is the VC8 Shotgun Pistol a new gun.

Rumor2917d ago

and im sure this all is just a portion of the "variety" we get in this masterpiece since its only a beta/alpha...

gamerzBEreal172917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

someone please help me i downloaded the theme at like 3 am on the 19th the day it was avalible i never the email yet do u guys think i will get it are was i to late? im in US

PhoenixDevil2917d ago

im in the same boat, but in the uk, got the theme as soon as it was avalible n still waiting to get the beta. there were only so many themes to download once done they were gone and no one could download them anymore. if you have the theme you should be in. dam waiting is killing me

Ace_Man_62917d ago

That's exactly what I thought lol

Dr Face Doctor2917d ago

+ Modern Warfare 2's perks. I like the logic of "if everyone is overpowered then nobody is overpowered" that devs these days thinks makes sense.

-Alpha2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

I have to agree with you Face Doctor, I'm really worried about some of the stuff I'm seeing and I hope the community is vocal enough to demand a change. Ribbons seem to be a big issue that makes players more powerful than usual.

For example, you can earn ribbons for faster reloading. I hate the idea that at the end of the career everyone will be the same, and that commonality seems to make the classes feel really overpowered.

There is also a ribbon for "extra bullet damage" or something to that effect which makes me fear that killing will be even easier than it is. Then there is one for Aiming down sights.

All these ribbons combine, so it's like having a whole list of perks for every player. I'm really worried about that. At the same time I don't want a full out perk system. I really don't want to see faster reloading, silent footsteps, etc. in the game

Imagining players that have all these ribbon abilities combined is a pretty worrisome picture. In Killzone 2 ribbons gave extra points, not exactly "perks".

AtatakaiSamurai2917d ago

i saw Infiltrator with

In addition to being disguised, Infiltrators are undetectable by Engineer Turrets, Sentry Drones and Medi-Droids.
Perform melee attacks without breaking disguise. Stacks with previous abilities."


"VC9 Missile Launcher
Capable of destroying turrets and drones in a single shot, the VC9 missile launcher is the very definition of an anti-armor weapon."

and I went O.o

they better have tested the balance of this real good during beta lol

BulletToothtony2917d ago

i wished they got rid of saboteur.. i really don't like it

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Nitrowolf22917d ago

tomorrow invites go out, hope i get in

spektical2917d ago

for everyone? or just people who downloaded the theme?

mrmcygan2917d ago

The first 10,000 people who downloaded the KZ3 PSN+ theme.

Nitrowolf22917d ago

10,000 for EU
5000 for USA

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The story is too old to be commented.