VGD: Why Singleplayer is Important

VGDomain discusses the importance of a quality singleplayer

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dangert123290d ago

Sorry but if the game has single and multiplayer and the single player is crap the game itself 9/10 is crap bar halo for some reason i think there single player is meh but there online is amazing

antz11043290d ago

Single player should always be the main focus. Unless the game comes with multiple titles in a box like when Team Fotress 2 came in The Orange Box, a primarily multi player game feels hollow.

steve30x3290d ago

I only ever play single player. I never touch the games that are online only.

N311V3290d ago

I somewhat agree with the author. The only games seem to hold onto have an excellent story that I know I'll want to play again. Multiplayer rarely grabs my attention for long periods, when it does though they're great value. Based on the beta I expect to be playing that online for a long time.

Venox20083289d ago

I play single player games, don't care about online.. story + gameplay is most important..