Halo’s best Bungie campaign has its worst feature fixed after 12 years

Halo’s best ever campaign mode developed by Bungie has had its most annoying feature fixed after more than a decade, making the sci-fi FPS game better than ever

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SullysCigar117d ago

Awesome news - so can we look forward to playing Halo: Infinite with no online issues circa 2033?

just_looken116d ago

"You can download the improved Reach AI mod at Mod DB" This was a mod 343 did nothing so the online will be fixed in our dreams.

SullysCigar116d ago

Par for the course with 343.

Profchaos116d ago

They did say they had a 10 year plan for infinite we just all assumed it would be DLC could of been a 10 year netcode rollout.

But seriously this is a mod the community won't be able to modify infinite in the same way

Cikatriz_ESP117d ago

Combat Evolved was the best campaign, and it's not even close.

just_looken116d ago

You should have tried this version of reach when it first came out remastered for a year there was no sound because 343 could not locate the sound files.

It was a special challenge.

badz149116d ago

more like the bunch at 343i are simply mentally challenged

TheColbertinator116d ago

Halo CE was indeed phenomenal.


Well I guess 12 years is faster than most fixes. I guess this is a cheap way to "remaster" something just fixing something that used to always be broken.

zidane1341116d ago

Did you even read the article? This is a mod to improve AI from back almost 2 gens ago. Nobody is claiming this is remastering anything. Yeesh.

Crows90116d ago

Halo is dead. Microsoft has other shooter franchises it cares more about now. 343 are no longer Xbox golden studio. They are likely to shift things around or even close it all together and give the IP to someone else.

343i decided to pummel the IP into the ground...and when they see it didn't quite look like Glenn's face they decided to just keep on pummeling. Not sure if Glenn is the IP or the fanbase in this case though.

Profchaos116d ago

343 were never the golden studio they were a hastily thrown together b team when bungie said we want to do something else cya

Crows90116d ago

Well ...I didn't want to say it but I agree. Makes you wonder why Microsoft gave them the IP and didn't keep Bungie or any of the talent they acquired from any studio.

CobraKai116d ago

“ Halo Infinite, Halo 3, or Halo: Combat Evolved. It’s hard to say which of the sci-fi FPS games offers the best experience all round.”
He lost me with Halo Infinite.

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