GameZone - How to Improve Metroid, Kirby and Donkey Kong Country

GameZone's Louis Bedigian takes a look at three iconic Nintendo characters, their evolution over the years, and how they could be improved upon before their next inevitable release.

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darkcharizard3285d ago

Donkey Kong - We'll see in just a month!

Akagi3285d ago

Why not just give Nintendo your bank account?

turok3285d ago

stop trollin. its cumbersome to read comments with no real relevance.

doubled2153285d ago

Metroid keeps getting worse and worse.

athmaus3285d ago

That is a very good article :)

DirtyDozen3285d ago

LOL @ "their inevitable release." In a way it's fun for these franchises to continue on, but in another way it'd be nice to see more new IPs and fewer rehashes of old licenses.

cnagel473285d ago

good article. these games are classics, always will be.

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The story is too old to be commented.