Top Ten Donkey Kong Games

Phil writes, "A few weeks ago was the 40th anniversary of Nintendo's main monkey, Nintendo's awesome ape, Nintendo's super simian: Donkey Kong. This Tuesday 10s focuses on the best of the banana bunch in the Donkey Kong series, from main games to spin-offs! It's a banana slamma' of games, so let's get to it."

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Levii_92552d ago

Tropical Freeze is way better than Country Returns and Dixie's whatever it's called. It's easily in top 3 DK games.

CosmicTurtle552d ago

It did not place them in order, despite the article being described as a top ten.

Donkey Kong (94) is my preferred game on that list. I think the Rare Country games are pretty rough.

Metabeard552d ago

My first reaction was... They made 10 Donkey Kong games?! Then I thought that must be every single one... then I checked the list and Donkey Kong 64 is not even on it. No wonder Nintendo won't make more 3D Donkey Kong. I really enjoyed tropical freeze but I am still waiting for the next 3D game. Its really the only thing I want from the series at this point. Also, I can't take Jungle beat seriously...