Top Ten Donkey Kong Games

Phil writes, "A few weeks ago was the 40th anniversary of Nintendo's main monkey, Nintendo's awesome ape, Nintendo's super simian: Donkey Kong. This Tuesday 10s focuses on the best of the banana bunch in the Donkey Kong series, from main games to spin-offs! It's a banana slamma' of games, so let's get to it."

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Levii_921061d ago

Tropical Freeze is way better than Country Returns and Dixie's whatever it's called. It's easily in top 3 DK games.

CosmicTurtle1061d ago

It did not place them in order, despite the article being described as a top ten.

Donkey Kong (94) is my preferred game on that list. I think the Rare Country games are pretty rough.

Metabeard1061d ago

My first reaction was... They made 10 Donkey Kong games?! Then I thought that must be every single one... then I checked the list and Donkey Kong 64 is not even on it. No wonder Nintendo won't make more 3D Donkey Kong. I really enjoyed tropical freeze but I am still waiting for the next 3D game. Its really the only thing I want from the series at this point. Also, I can't take Jungle beat seriously...


Donkey Kong Country Returns: A triumphant return indeed

As the first game to be released in the DKC series in 11 years, fans of Donkey Kong were eager to see how the iconic ape’s adventures continued. And when it was finally released, the game proved well worth the wait. With incredible level design, difficult yet fun platforming gameplay, vibrant presentation and an amazing soundtrack, “Donkey Kong Country Returns” is an amazing side-scrolling platformer and an incredible comeback for one of Nintendo’s oldest mascots.

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Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze almost brought back Enguarde

The creative director of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze has revealed that Enguarde almost made it into the game.

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SimpleSlave511d ago (Edited 511d ago )

I'm glad they didn't. I heard he was asking for way too much money to reprise his role as a mascot. Which is ludicrous since everybody knows Rambi is the real star here. Enguarde is just a second stinger at best.

The audacity of this fish! SHAME!!!


Top 30 Best Platformers On Switch

BLG writes: "For fans of the genre, the Switch is absolutely essential. It’s home to many titles that aren’t just among the best Switch platformers—but the best platformers of all time. So, bearing every eligible game in mind, here are 30 must-play platformers on the system."

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