Killzone 3 Theme for Beta Access Goes Live

A few days ago we posted about an upcoming Killzone 3 beta and a few hoops you had to jump through to me in with a chance of getting in the limited beta.

One of those...

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dangert123295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

Came up abit late for me but i think i was like 1,103
hope i get in pumped for this
oh and the theme come on sony i wanted a dynamic or atleast with a cool picture of some kind of helghast the ISA were never cool lol

lociefer3295d ago

damnit its for plus only, fuck !

dangert123295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

unlucky but on a level if your not interested in plus fair do's if you are but are waiting for something special give up and sign in
i've made over £100 worth of content already and thats not including discounts sony has made me a happy bunny and the thing is i am a core gamer
your not a core gamer if you wont play wipeout cause its old i still play 007 on n64 hardcore wants a splash at everything and will give any game a try and try to enjoy it for example
hip hop gamer is a hardcore gamer abit of a fanboy and not the best journalist but he is open to loads of games and enjoys them for what they are no matter age or genre
its the same with me

@dead eye i've had it since day one im just saying 100 cause i don't know the full price but its saved me more then that for sure

dead_eye3295d ago

@ dangert12 God knows how much I've saved with ps+. had it since day one. Think the fallout 3 dlc has pushed me over £200

Hellsvacancy3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

Excellent, my game-sharin buddy was playin BC2 b4 it went up and i was like "MOFO? its 7.59 get on it", "what u talkin about bruv?" he said "IM ON ABOUT THE BLOODY K3-BETA, REMEMBER!!!!", "oh, i remeber, ill get on it now mate" 2 minutes pasted "its not there mate", "KEEP TRYIN", then, 30 seconds later "GOT IT, can i go back 2 playin BC2 now?", "yes mofo, u can"

DirtyLary3295d ago

LOL you thought a beta is free?

Paid betas are all the rage now.

3295d ago
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zeddy3295d ago

i was bang on 20.00 i should most definitely get one!

Dom63903295d ago

but if 10000 other people got it bang on 20:00 maybe you'll have been a few milliseconds late :O

thorstein3295d ago

It is not up anymore. Does that mean I can't get the theme? What gives? Anyone know? Is this UK only?

MrMickeal3295d ago

Yes its UK only NA gets theres next weel

deafwing3295d ago

if you don't have a UK account, with PlayStation Plus, then you can't get this ... I know it's gonna be a mad dash next week on the US end

Mmmkay3295d ago

it not UK only. It's Europe.... BIG difference.

monkpunk13295d ago

i already have the beta!

monkpunk13295d ago

lol disagree all you like.... i have it! cant say much because of the nda but it's a large beta, in alpha stage.

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TheMART3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

I was the first, no doubt about it @ 21.00 my time



Jugf*ck ima laugh when you won't be with the first 5k instead of the 10k that EU got hehe

Joule3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

MART I will laugh if you don't get in.

hahah what a n00b

Pennywise3295d ago

I think it is great how you have joined the dark side.

geth1gh3295d ago

is this just for Europe? i read somewhere that it wasn't supposed to be released here in the US till the 19th, but that they where releasing the theme in Europe on the 13th.

nation1203295d ago

the theme is released on the 15th over here...we wont know if we got in until the 25th

MrMickeal3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

We will get ours (NA) on the 19th this is for EU only

RankFTW3295d ago

I got it bang on time, even 1 of the first 30 to rate it so I've gotta get in.

nation1203295d ago

same here...i think i rated it at 130.

dead_eye3295d ago

I forgot to rate it lol

dead_eye3295d ago

Big enough for you to comment lol

napalmbrainmusic3295d ago

it was at 700 ratings when i got it so got my fingers crossed :)

dead_eye3295d ago

lol 701 really i forgot to rate it

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The story is too old to be commented.