Game Informer: Medal of Honor review

GI: EA took a chance with the latest installment of Medal of Honor, moving the series from its World War II origins to a contemporary setting. It’s no secret that the franchise has lost its way over the years, and it has the declining review scores to show for it. Those who pinned their hopes on the change in venue fixing the problems are likely to be disappointed by the results.

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Nineball21123293d ago

Well, 7 out of 10 isn't horrible, but that's rental territory for me.

It seems to be getting mediocre scores across the board.

kancerkid3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

A mediocre score would be a 4.5 - 5.5

Slightly above mediocre this one

plb3293d ago

Er 4.5-5.5 is below average. Failing if you want to get technical.

TheLig323293d ago

What the hell are you talking about?? a 4.5-5.5 is a terrible score. F, fail, garbage. a 7 is slightly below mediocre, and a 7.5 is mediocre.

Game-ur3293d ago

The gaming press wasn't exited for Bad Company 2, but it's a favorite to millions. Looking forward to this.

thor3293d ago

It shouldn't be though. This is what is known as "review score inflation". Good games now have to be shoehorned into the 8.5-10 range whereas in the not-so-distant past a 6 was above average, a 7 was pretty good, an 8 was great, a 9 fantastic and 10 unfathomably awesome and rare.

kancerkid3293d ago

This isn't school, people. SOrry most of you are in high/middle school. But games can get scores of 1's and 3's, which almost never happens in school. It usually somewhat depends on the site, but a 5 is about average, whereas 7 is about good, though not usually a game to go out of the way to play.

GO ahead, read the review. Nothing in there says the game is crap. It is just a little above normal.

The_Devil_Hunter3293d ago

Mmh I think 6 would be a mediocre score. 7 would be good while 8 would very good, and 9 great. While 10 outstanding.

Just my opinion of the scores. 4.5 to 5.5 would be more like a fail game.

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XANDEO3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

When did 7-8 become medicore? around 5 would be medicore

kancerkid3293d ago

7-8 became mediocre the day a barely above mediocre game (MW2) was given 9+

Vegeta90003293d ago

I'm surprised that review sites even bother writing reviews these days. It seems like most people only look at the number and then move on so it seems like a waste of time writing about it.

BeOneWithTheGun3292d ago

I cannot believe how poor this game really is. The AI is completely retarded, the graphics look like BF 1943 with brown over tones. From all the clips and hype I was expecting a Ghost Recon meets Rainbow 6 and ready to go do some "Tier 1" killer game play. Nope. Crappy graphics, animations and the story is lame. Sure, the guns soud great but that is it. Total let down. Reeeeeally bummed.

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garrod3293d ago

I agree with sliggio678 a 7 would be considered mediocre at best....lls I don't know it's not like I was ever planning on getting this game anyway, I just think it's funny to see such an over hyped game get less than decent reviews. It should have been expected because like most of the reviews are saying the game does nothing new or better than any existing titles that we already have (which we knew already from the beta and points the developers were bragging about) and neither does the next COD. I can't wait for Black Ops to suffer the same fate :)

chasegarcia3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

1= Worst Game ever--Anubis II
2= One of the worst games ever--Stormrise
3= Game sux--FaceBreaker
4= below average--Dynasty Warriors: Gundam
5=average--Mercenaries 2: World in Flames
6=somewhat fun--Need for Speed Undercover
7=good----------------------- ----- ----->Medal of Honor
8=Very good--Resident Evil 4
9=Awesome--Uncharted 2
10=Legendary-- Super Mario Brothers

ddurand13293d ago

sounds about right.

It seems like a 6-8 type of game.

0oAngeluso03293d ago

I trust myself quite a bit as well. I played the demo on Xbox 360 and PS3 and it was horrid. I think 7 is a bit generous, 7 is average to mediocre. Not a purchase that is for certain. I might be interested in the campaign, but the online is just a BFBC ripoff, and since I hated BFBC1 & BFBC2, I knew this would be more of the same. No prone and giant maps with vehicles just doesn't work for small level combat.

kancerkid3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

Read the review noob. Maps are much more close-quaters for MP in this game.

Its not a BFBC ripoff, even though DICE did both multiplayers

BeOneWithTheGun3292d ago

You can feel DICE all over the MP. At least in BF we had large, open maps but here it is just this cartoony cluster of running around. The SP is a joke. I am on hard mode and half way through level 3 and ahve yet to die. The AI is so retarded they just STAND there.

I am really let down by the final product. I was hoping it would be a great game; good graphics, story and had lots of tension. This is just a point a to point b with cheap ass graphics and recycled game play.


bviperz3292d ago

Can I ask what is it about the prone position that people get worked up about so much? The only game I can see the prone being used properly is Battlefield 2, because the maps are huge and the spawn points are set. MoH, CoD, and BFBC2 shouldn't have the prone position because the spawn point always changes and the maps aren't big enough.