10 Popular Banned Video Games and Why They Were Banned

Xfire writes "As you'll soon learn, while it is true that some popular banned video games do at least warrant the censorship or ban they received, some games were banned from sale for some pretty weird and radical reasons."

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curtain_swoosh55d ago

i dont get censorship in games.
they have warnings on the boxings, age ratings, drug use warnings, strong language and sexual themes and many more.

its not so much the government's job to censor, as it is for parents to make sure their kids dont play those games. and those who are easily disturbed or sensitive, should stay away from them.
i do understand that some things might be triggering for some but.... why do ppl suck so much lol.

but being in debt before 18 or 21 is highly acceptable somehow ha


Highrevz55d ago

I’m glad there’s not much censorship in the UK towards video games. Reading bully was banned confused me as i don’t recall that at all.

Nintendo has always been bashed for its censorship (green blood in MK controversy) and then they gave us some dark moments like Crocomire’s death in Super Metroid and even let us strangle people to death with the Wii controller. It’s like they have tried at times but there image is very much Cemented as family friendly so I don’t think they will ever be able to stray far from that.

I remember my mom coming home from work with a copy of Thrill Kill and saying “I heard this games banned so I got you a copy” 🙌
Honestly the game wasn’t even that bad, there’s far worse content in books and movies.

Fist4achin55d ago

Thrill kill at the time was edgy, but there has been much worse. Fun times with Imp the pimp!

darklaw55d ago

honestly, its up to the parents and the players on what kind of experience they want to have, not the publisher.