15 PS1 Games Under $20 in 2022

PlayStation (PS1) game prices are beginning to get a little weird. The pandemic, renewed interest from collectors, and growing scarcity have all impacted PS1 game prices. CIB and New games can cost thousands for some titles. Use this list to snag some amazing old games to play or improve your collection without spending a fortune.

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Jiub900d ago

I really wish the Legacy of Kain series would come back

899d ago
Nintentional900d ago

Still have my original PS1 my family got at Sam’s Club back in 1999 :) it still works and I have it hooked up to a 32” Sony Wega Trinitron that supports S Video and Component 👌🏼 PS1 games in S Video POP on there 🤩

899d ago

Game Pass Price Hike Continues Trend of Confusing Messaging From Xbox

After Failing To Properly Address Its Third-Party Releases, Xbox Is Repeating The Same Mistake of Vague Messaging About Its Future!

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Knightofelemia18h ago(Edited 18h ago)

Like I said before all Microsoft is doing is steering the XBox ship in a circle taking on water. They honestly are at the point where they don't know yet again WTF they are doing or where they want to take the XBox brand going forward. Right now the only things they got right is pissing off the fans, and disappointing the fans. And Microsoft wonders why they are dead last in sales, and probably wonder why Capcom is skipping them with a game.

XiNatsuDragnel23m ago

Microsoft copilot has activated and we don't know where they're going rn. But certainly isn't a great direction.


Marvel Rivals Comes To SDCC

More news on the game as NetEase Games and Marvel Games revealed their presence at San Diego Comic-Con for Marvel Rivals, the new Super Hero Team-Based PVP Shooter that lets players assemble an ever-evolving all-star squad of Super Heroes and Super Villains battling with unique super powers.


GoodSmile Announces Two Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Nendoroids

GoodSmile Company formally revealed two Nendoroids based off characters from Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. - IS

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