Killzone 3 - Closed Beta Has Begun?

Last week, Sony Computer Entertainment announced that the public beta for Killzone 3 would be starting on the 25th October 2010.

However, it looks like they may be holding a closed beta phase for a lucky few, according to these images GamersDigest received today.


Looks like this one is indeed true, since our original post, several people have confirmed receiving an invitation to a private beta which begins tomorrow (12th October 2010).

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frankymv2928d ago

This wouldn't surprise me.

Gamer41112928d ago

Would be great if it's true, means the Public Beta will run better for the rest of us.

dkblackhawk502928d ago

Yeah the servers won't crash like the Reach Beta :P

Lifendz2928d ago

Can any of us really complain about crashes and bugs in a beta? I mean...that's what a beta is

Fishy Fingers2928d ago

Especially when you consider Reach had over a million beta players within the first 24 hours.

OSU_Gamer2928d ago


i didn't know you paid money for the Reach beta...

simplyRealistic182928d ago

well to be fair he did pay for the beta, it was called halo:Odst ( everyone knows that game wasnt worth a full price)

OSU_Gamer2928d ago

so somehow he payed for the beta because you believe ODST wasn't worth full price...?

Not to mention the fact that it is still a Beta.

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Chuk_Chuk2928d ago

They have been beta testing this for a while now. About august time a PS europe community Mod was spotted playing Killzone 3.

Pandemic2928d ago

Just got my email, woot!

Shaymin2928d ago

I wonder if you can play the beta with the move


No 3D and PS Move supported for the beta.

lexington2928d ago

oh no!! No pretty pink ball thingy support!!

liore2928d ago

F ing he'll I just found a beta message for killzone 3 in my inbox f ing yessssssssss

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The story is too old to be commented.