Dead Space Extraction is now on PS3 - features co-op, move support and more

Dead Space Extraction is now exclusively on the PlayStation3 with Dead Space 2 Limited Edition for the first time in full HD. Dead Space Extraction on PlayStation 3 will offer the entire single-player game now complete with all-new trophy support, as well as co-op gameplay, using the new PlayStation Move motion controller. Key features revealed...

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Baltis4988d ago (Edited 4988d ago )

Exclusively? How can this be when it's on the wii? Kinda vague and misrepresented. I still look forward to playing it with move, though. Gotta use that thing for something, right? Heck, I haven't had a reason to play it since launch day. I 'm not aware if you can use the nav controller for it or not, but I want more nav support out of move. I'd love to see Two nav controllers supported in game for real. One for each hand.

Karooo4988d ago

Sports champions is a fantastic game, use it with heavy rain, wait for time crisis etc

Active Reload4988d ago

He's right though, it isn't an exclusive anymore. There isn't any way to spin that.

Kos-Mos4988d ago

karoo you sound a little too desperate.
Sony is a great gaming-company with many great games on their consoles. Probably most of my gaming have been on a Sony console so that you know I`m no Sony hater, BUT for the love of god can`t people admit move is a direct copy of Nintendo`s success, and therefor it is just a gadget you will use for 5% on your gaming on PS3.

Biggest4988d ago

If you go by the wording, the multi-pack is exclusive. Of course the single game Dead Space: Extraction is not an exclusive. But the combo of DS:E and DS2 is an exclusive combo.

zootang4988d ago (Edited 4988d ago )

Why are people so quick to discredit Sony? They bring games, they have always brought games.


People want a HD Wii, Sony brought it and improved greatly on it. "5%" you do know it can replace the DS3 for games like MAG, Resi 5, Killzone 3, Tiger Woods, Dead Space 2 and plenty more to come.

nycredude4988d ago


Did you buy the Move? Have you played it extensively. Do you also own and play the Wii? If not they you shouldn't be talking. Only people who haven't tried it say it's a copy of the Wii. It's miles ahead of the Wii bro.

Kos-Mos4988d ago

It`s really useless to discuss with people sometimes; Praising the move beyond. We know it`s a better tech than Wiimote, but people try using your brains: It`s the same bloody product with an update.
How many people owning a Wii wants HD? Ask please. 50 % probably don`t know the meaning of HD. 40 % don`t care.
And there are 10 % (we, the biggest gamers) who cares. And I`m in the middle because when I get drawn in by games like Metroid, Mario, Litlle King`s Story I don`t give squat about 420,720,1080(p)(i).
Do you? If so then you must have big issues with gaming as gaming is mostly about playing, not movie watching, unless it is Metal Gear or Xenosaga which is in it`s own godly league.

vsr4988d ago

Like masseffect, portal exclusive on xbox

FunAndGun4988d ago

Kos-Mos is bad at percentage estimation.

Kos-Mos4988d ago

I knew there were alot of fanatics on the forums, but not so many blind ones. You disagree at me, but make no valid argument.
When kinect "upgrades" eyetoy tech it`s utter bullshit. (I will never defend ms so that be clear).
When sony "upgrades" Nintendo Wii`s tech it`s halleluja.
For me it`s starting to be al-qaida fanatic tendencies in here.
Haha :)
It`s so easy to look down at people that can`t discuss.
Now I retreat from this post. I assume people will team up against me with disagrees and non-valid statements like: "fuck you for saying move is a copy, when it is it is...blrrrp"

Holeran4988d ago

Kos-Mos you obviously haven't even played the move or are in denial. It should in no way really be compared to the Wii but they are both motion controllers so people put them in the same group. Nintendo is the first to really use motion controls and Sony is the first one to make motion controls work right. Put them side by side and they aren't in the same ballpark, it's not about the graphics it's about the accuracy.

wsoutlaw874988d ago

@kos-mos "50% probably don`t know the meaning of HD" thats a stupid line what is this 2004. and with your whole trying to act smart by using the "use your brain" what you say doesnt make sence. everything is an update of something and move is a much better update. are you still playing snes no even though other systems are just an update. Its more precise and you cant even compare the power and graphics ps3 vs wii

Blaster_Master4988d ago

Sony has been working on the PSmove since 2002. How in the hell is it a Wii rip off? Its more like Nintendo pulled a Microsoft, put out obsolete tech out so they can be the first ones in the market. Fact.

rockleex4988d ago (Edited 4988d ago )

Its not the "same bloody product with an update".

I bet you never even knew that the WiiMote even with Motion Plus still can only track angles, and that it can not track the controller in 3D space.

Here's a video with proof, skip to 45 seconds into the video.


The Wii does NOT track X, Y, or Z locations. It only tracks the angle of the WiiMote.

The Move is not just an upgrade with more precision. Its an evolution that brings a totally different aspect that the Wii doesn't even touch on.

And I haven't even mentioned the camera which allows augmented reality.

Minimox164988d ago (Edited 4988d ago )

Blaster_Master, answer Kos-Mos, the move had been in development BEFORE the Wii. and if you said that Sony want to steal the success that can't be happen because what make Wii great it's that Nintendo always look like a Brand to kids and that what parents like and also Sony it's not follow them, they are making they own path and for me it's the best path to the gamers.

(KOS-MOS I hope you are not the same KOS-MOS that play WKC :( )

Rumor4988d ago

Thank God for blu ray

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Taggart4514988d ago

You DO know that the Nav controller isn't an entirely separate entity, right? The Nav is literally, the left half of the Dualshock 3. So two Navs would be like....having a Dualshock in each hand.

Adva4988d ago

He is too stupid to understand that :)
Get a DS3 if you want 2 Nav's.

jeeves864988d ago

Except there's no pause or select button. :/

Apotheosize4988d ago

Because it comes with the 2nd game on the same disc. Both games coming together is the exclusive part.

FriedGoat4988d ago

Plus the nav has almost no Move abilities at all, just the standard 6axis inside. Does this guy even have move?

Gamehead364988d ago

the nav has sixaxis? link please?

KillerPwned4988d ago

Their is games that use the Navi for one RE5 Gold edition. I own that i use both controllers and love it.

Klipz-Wish4988d ago

"Dead Space Extraction is now exclusively on the PlayStation3 with Dead Space 2 Limited Edition"

Im pretty sure they meant the whole package was exclusive

phatak4988d ago

it said dead space extraction comes exclusively to ps3 with dead space 2 limited edition. read b4 u type. It should have instead said dead space 2 limited edition coming eclusive to ps3 with extraction

Knushwood Butt4988d ago

The Wii version only sold 50 copies so while not strictly an exclusive it might as well be.

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r0gueZA4988d ago

well I assure you that it is the entire press release as they sent out..

I was a little confused by it to