Reminiscing About Dead Space 2 With The Creative Director

Gameumentary: This week’s episode features our first guest on the show, Wright Bagwell, who happens to be the former Creative Director of Dead Space 2. We had a great chat with Bagwell discussing his time working on the franchise, as well as talking about his new venture as the CEO …

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Fear Fest Horror Game Awards 2023 has just announced its winners

"Feardemic are today very thrilled & proud to announce the winners (yes, "Resident Evil 4 Remake" is on the list) of its Fear Fest Horror Game Awards 2023 event." - Feardemic.

roadkillers12d ago

Either REmake4 or Dead Space deserved it.

TGG_overlord12d ago

Well...Life is far from fair...

roadkillers12d ago

Well, REmake4 won so... it was fair today :)


15 Best-Looking Games of 2023 (So Far)

This year saw several titles pushing the envelope for incredible graphics in video games. Check out the most visually impressive.

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Christopher71d ago

I'm still waiting on a deep price cut on Atomic Heart (it was very pricey at release as is) because I'm interested in experiencing some of the design choices personally. So far I've just seen snippets from videos.

ClayRules201271d ago (Edited 71d ago )

Horizon: Burning Shores really is a stunning sight, taking to the sky’s, into the clouds/storms is a sight to behold! A great visual showcase from GG’s as usual, giving us a sample of Horizon 3. I cannot imagine how that’ll look being solely PZ5 exclusive and no doubt pushing PS5 to its limits.

Man, I’d also love to see them use the Decima engine on a linear game, I try to imagine the visual results, they’d be astounding I imagine.


Why Iron Man Coming Before Dead Space 2 Remake is a Smart Choice

EA Motive choosing to release its upcoming Iron Man game before the Dead Space 2 Remake is a wise decision for the developer's future.

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