13 Years Later, Dead Space 2 Is Still A Perfect Video Game

Nameer from eXputer: "Dead Space 2 is a sequel that delivers such a feast that by the time you're done, you're not only full but also satisfied."

Aaroncls784d ago

It was amazing. All 3 DS games game solid for me, but 2 was special.

hombreacabado84d ago

i can do without ds3 but the first two are solid.

mariopasta84d ago

Hope they remake this one too. Just like they did with number 1. The remake of Dead Space 1 was perfection

Terry_B84d ago

thanks to the digital pass for it it was not perfect..in fact its difficult to find a working copy since many years.


EA Shoots Down Dead Space 2 Remake Rumors: 'No Validity to This Story'

EA has shut down rumors that EA Motive considered a Dead Space 2 remake before shelving it due to low sales of the previous game, saying there's "no validity" to the reports.

XiNatsuDragnel64d ago

Sure.... right.... at least remake dead space 3 w/o microtransactions bs.

XiNatsuDragnel63d ago

I sometimes I wished I didn't Ngl lol

Knightofelemia64d ago

Why not remake DS2 whether shot down or not it's still my favorite game next to DS1. As much as I hate EA I would buy or would have bought DS2 day one.

MeteorPanda64d ago

No validity XD "Guys guys, we cant possible make a good game or cater to the gamers wants, stop"

Yi-Long64d ago

I don't know if sales met their expectations or not. I just know that the high review scores received my attention so I was interested in buying it, but its price stayed high (50+ bucks) for so long that I simply never bothered picking it up.

Tacoboto64d ago

Doesn't pay full price
Doesn't pay *any* price
Ponders if sales met expectations regarding an allegedly canceled sequel.


Yi-Long63d ago

Well, for starters, I'm sure there are plenty of games I never bought which did, somehow, still, meet their sales-expectations.

Concerning Dead Space; I never played and thus cared for the original. It's in multiple genres (shooter, sci-fi, horror) I don't particularly care about so it was barely on my radar pre-launch. I was never its target-audience.

When reviews hit, and it was scoring big, it gathered my interest, so while it wasn't in my field of interest, it mrans that I wanted to give it a fair shot and at least give it a try, as I do with many games across different genres; I tend to just cherry-pick the good stuff and see if it's for me or not.

But, I do wait for sales on those games I take a risk on.

Kornholic63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Lol, you are a huge part of the problem. If a very high-quality game is not even worth 50 bucks to you, then what is?

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EA’s best multiplayer games have now shut down for good

Battlefield Bad Company 2, Dead Space 2, Crysis 3, and a handful other EA games have finally had their online services shut down.

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OtterX187d ago

I had no idea that Bad Company 2 was still running, and only now that I know, I want to jump on! 😥

SonyStyled186d ago

I was able to find games in the Vietnam dlc on ps3 the last week. There were articles on here about the server closure when it was announced in April

DaReapa187d ago

BF1943 is the only online MP game that I was genuinely interested in. Been playing since launch 14 years ago. Hate that I couldn't put in as much time to play as I'd hoped for during the final week.

Inverno186d ago

I got really into 43 when I bought Bf3, and preferred it. Everything that I disliked or found annoying about Bf3, wasn't an issue in 43. Too bad they never bothered releasing it on PS4 or PC.

1nsomniac186d ago (Edited 186d ago )

Dead Space 2...... I wasn't even aware that had multiplayer. Nevermind that it was apparently one of their best multiplayers!

anast186d ago

Once people stop buying micros, these companies close the doors.

Xenial186d ago

Dead Space 2 multiplayer had been hanging on for years - I'd boot my PS3 up to see some familiar names in lobbies. This will definitely be missed!


Why Iron Man Coming Before Dead Space 2 Remake is a Smart Choice

EA Motive choosing to release its upcoming Iron Man game before the Dead Space 2 Remake is a wise decision for the developer's future.

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