Pre-ordering the Dead Space remake will get you a free copy of Dead Space 2, too

If you have the Dead Space Remake pre-ordered on Steam, upon its release this month you'll also find the original version of the second game in your library.

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Sonic188180d ago

I think Dead Space 1 and 2 is on EA access and Microsoft GamePass

sadraiden80d ago

Some people want to actually own games.

Tacoboto79d ago

Dead Space 2 came out in 2011 - anyone that cared about owning it has had a dozen years to do so... And guess what, you can buy the game even if you do subscribe to their services. Big surprise, I know, shocker.

Regardless, it's a nice gesture to have this pre-order bonus. Doesn't impact me since I've owned it on Steam for years and I don't pre-order digital games, but this move costs them nothing. Free goodwill to the fans.

Pissmaster80d ago

Very tempting for the steam deck... but I think I will get the ps5 version. I want to experience this remake in full glory

peppeaccardo80d ago

Great deal for those who have not played this games before. I finished the trilogy on PS3 and it was lot of fun and suspence. Play at night with headphones at your own risk !!