Here is the first PS3 game being 100% emulated and working on RPCS3

YouTube’s ‘Predator’ has shared a video, showcasing  Dead Space Extraction being perfectly emulated on the best PS3 emulator, RPCS3.

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Hoffmann751d ago

Nice. A year or maybe 2 and PS3 emulation will be possible on most PC's with the majority of the games.

I wonder if that means It will be easy to pirate dlc that is not available anymore on psn anyway. Never got to play as Shuma Gorath and Jill Valentine in Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

IndominusRex750d ago (Edited 750d ago )

Thats nice. I wonder if we will get a 360 emulator some day

BattleAxe750d ago

They already have one, it's called backwards compatibility on Xbox One.

Hoffmann750d ago

There is one in the working too

KTF26750d ago

Xenia emulator
still in very early stages but they made it to ingame (broken) before RPCS3

NewMonday749d ago

Sony should look at the code and use it on PS4

they get an emulator free development cost

XanderZane749d ago

True.. There's already a perfect running emulator on my XB1. Don't really need anything else except more games.

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ShadowKnight750d ago

I say about a year and looking forward to it.

nitus10749d ago (Edited 749d ago )

I like how you say "most" PC's. Actually "most" PC's, especially laptops and tablets don't even have the same performance as the XB1 and PS4 although I won't deny there are some that make the current consoles look like four-function calculators.

You also have to remember that Dead Space 3 was multiplatform (PS3, XBox360 and Microsoft Windows) and as such probably did not make as much use of the SPE's that games like Uncharted would have done.

Still, it is a pretty good attempt to emulate a PS3 game on the PC but I do think most people if they wish to play Dead Space 3 can either play it on their PS3 or XBox360 (XB1 under emulation) or just get the genuine PC version by fair means or by green parrot on shoulder.

The following is the Minimum System Requirements.
Processor: Intel : Pentium D 840 3.2GHz, AMD : Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core BE-2300.
Graphics Card / GPU: Nvidia GeForce 6800 XT, AMD Radeon X1600 Pro 512MB.
RAM: 1 GB.
Operating System (OS): Windows XP 32 bit, Windows 7 32 bit.
Hard Disk Space: 10 GB.
Direct X 11.

I think we will take more notice if Uncharted or Demon's Souls rather than Dead Space 3 is made to run under emulation. Still like I have said before it is a good attempt at PS3 emulation.

TWB749d ago

This is what I have been wondering. Im already trying to be somewhat conscious about how playable the release version is, so that years after all the servers handing out updates and selling DLC have been shut down, I can still enjoy the game.

Now that emulation of 7th gen is starting, it will be interesting to see how can all the patches and DLC be handled legitimately, or if piracy is required.

Sadly, piracy is still way too relevant in the emulation scene. The best thing that could be done, would be the publishers giving out games older than 15 years old for free, unless they re-release or patch better conpatibility to them. The next best thing would be to not categorize downloading of 20 years old games as piracy, since the situation is very different, for example when compared to music or movies.

Not that it would change anything, except possibly peoples perception of the act.

andrewsquall749d ago

Still waiting to play a majority of PS2 games "perfectly" on that awful PCSX2 emulator so I wouldn't hold my breath.

hamzilla749d ago

Ummm have you tried the latest version of it? I'm playing every ps2 game in 4k no problems what so ever. Yes I have a GTX 1080 tho so that might help it out alot.

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I3loggs24750d ago

Hopefully within the next couple years, I can pop in my copy MGS4 and Demons Souls and play them the way they are meant to be played, upscaled to1440p @ 60fps with AA and AF.
Nobody should be mad about RPCS3 or any other emulators being developed on PC's

Sephiroushin750d ago

If we were going by that then 4k 144fps...
But I'm just trying to say that the way they are meant to be played is the way they were made in the first place...
And no, my comment doesnt mean I'm mad, I will play them myself the higher my PC can handle them!

PoSTedUP750d ago

I agree. I like gta3 on ps2 much better than any other enhanced version.

I3loggs24749d ago

"But I'm just trying to say that the way they are meant to be played is the way they were made in the first place..."
Considering FROM dropped Demons Souls 2 because Sony would not allow them to release a sequel on multiple platforms, I'd say your statement is false. Legal contracts stopped the devs from making the game the way it was meant to be played, RPCS3 will fix that.

The way they are meant to be played is whatever way brings the best experience for the gamer, and depending on how well this emulator runs over the next couple of years, PC emulation will be superior to running it on the PS3.

Sephiroushin749d ago (Edited 749d ago )

Edit: wrong post

NextGenCeo750d ago

I don`t need a make comment. I`m just smiling :D

CPU:Intel corei7 4790k
GPU:Geforce 970
RAM:DDR3 Kingston 2400mh 2x8gb

2pacalypsenow750d ago

Yeah that won't MGS4 at 4k6 60fps

ONESHOTV2750d ago

you should add 16GB ram i just bought a HYPERX 16 GB ram a few days ago and it's working very good i was using vengence before 2X4

Cernunnos749d ago

That is a nice mid-range build

MRMagoo123749d ago

same specs as the school pc I made for my son for his room cept corsair ram

NohansenBoy749d ago

Well, the GPU is mid range, but the RAM and CPU is future proof and high end.

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Red_Renegade750d ago

they were meant to be played on ps3. that's why they're there.

Princess_Pilfer750d ago

Nobody cares sweetie.

I really don't want to have to have every console I own hooked up to my TV all the time when I could just run them all on 1 machine. Especially when I'll be able to run those games better (ie more stable framerate, higher resolution, faster loading) on that 1 machine, and I'll be able to keep playing online after the games servers or the entire PS3 PSN goes down.

Red_Renegade750d ago

um, nobody cares about what you don't want, either. and why would you have all the consoles hooked up all the time? you don't play them all the time, do you? doesn't matter, cuz nobody cares.

Princess_Pilfer749d ago

Except my desire represents a significant chunk of people who own multiple older consoles and a decent PC and makes our lives easier.

Your "desire," if you can call it that, wants people to go spend 100 bucks on a new PS3 if theirs dies, it wants online for PS3 games to die when the PS3 PSN does or when servers for the games get pulled (which has already happened for most of them that used servers,) it wants people to have to have all their old consoles hooked up, it wants people to be stuck playing 720p games that can't even manage a stable 30 fps on their 4k 120hz TV/moniter, ect. That helps......nobody.

Even if we look at the piracy angle (which I don't advocate, just making a point) at this point it can't hurt anyone anymore. I have a PS3, but lets say I didn't. Why would I buy a new one for 200-250 USD when I can get a used on for 70? So Sony makes no money off that. Why would I spend 20-60 USD on a new game when I could get the same game used for 5-20? So Sony makes no money off that. PS3 online is free so no PS+ required, so Sony makes no money off that. All the cheapest legal ways to buy the *vast* majority of PS3 stuff is buying it in a way that sees all the profit go to gamestop or some pawnshop or random people on ebay, none of it goes to Sony, therefor it will have little to no impact on Sony whichever way you go about it. Might as well go about it in the way that gives me the better experience and doesn't require the area around my TV be a tangled mess of consoles and cords.

And yeah, I do play games from old systems on a regular basis. Revently I've been playing a lot of Xenoblade Chronicles and Contra Hard Corps so that's the Wii and Sega, and I go back to play Burnout 3 occasionally, and I'm playing Guild Wars with a bunch of friends. So that's 4 systems in the last ~2 months

Red_Renegade749d ago

blah blah. my only point was that the games were meant to be played on the console they were made to work on. dunno where you and your significant chunk matter to that at all. prolly cuz they don't.

ShaunCameron749d ago

He just means himself and his little social circle which probably consist of 20 people at most.

Princess_Pilfer749d ago

@ShaunCameron She means herself and at the very least the 9 million people who've downloaded *just* the latest version of the PS2 emulator.

@Red_Renegade BS. The only reason to make such an obvious statemnt (no ****ing duh they're meant to run on the PS3, they were released on the PS3,) is to make it as a counter point to the idea of an emulator. You can't back out and pretend it meant something else because someone pointed out that in most cases a well built emulator is *superior* to the original system in most ways, and provided it's only being built for last gen consoles and earlier then it's not hurting anything because nobody was going to buy the stuff new anyways.

Red_Renegade749d ago

thanks for telling me what i meant. i never would have known without you.

I3loggs24749d ago

As I said to another comment here, LEGAL CONTRACTS with Sony are the reason why they're there. Demons Souls 2 did not happen because Sony would not allow FROM to release the sequel on multiple platforms. You're kidding yourself if you think the Devs chose to develop for an inferior and forever aging system because that was how its meant to be played.

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thelaughingwiseman750d ago

I really want to see how the graphics of some games can be pushed further. An emulated Beyond: Two Souls would be fucking sweet

kevnb750d ago

Not upscaled, rendered at 1440p.

hirobrotagonist749d ago

No idea why you're getting downvotes

I3loggs24749d ago

Because PC gamers arent very welcome on N4G's front page. You can see in the comment section, people who trash the emulator are being upvoted, while the people who support emulation are getting downvotes.

I loved my PS1, I loved my PS2 and I loved my PS3, but my PS3 is going on 10 years old now, and just like my ps1 games and ps2 games, I cant wait to rip all my ps3 games to the PC. The performance and graphical enhancements are just a bonus to me, my PC will forever store my library of games into one system, and breath life back into many online games that are no longer being supported.

Sephiroushin749d ago

"Legal contracts stopped the devs from making the game the way it was meant to be played"
It just limited their vision that happens all the time where developers can't achive their vision or what they want be it for contracts, time, power of the system they are working with and so on.
But the way a game is meant to be played is the way it was released to the market nobody will change that .... Even if a remaster edition is released it wont change the way the original was meant to be played.

"The way they are meant to be played is whatever way brings the best experience for the gamer"
As I said I like playing ps2 games on emulators most of the time, they look better & they run better, do that means its the way those games are meant to be played?
Nope, its not the way they are meant to be played.
The way a product is meant to be used has nothing to do with preferences of the buyer but the maker. For example I know some woman that use specific birth control pills for their hair growth etc, no they arent meant for that it names says it all...

I3loggs24747d ago (Edited 747d ago )

So by your logic, the way it was meant to be played is riddled with bugs because the man paying the bills wanted the game out NOW, and not when it was actually ready.
Do you see how your thinking is twisted? The way it is meant to be played is after 15 patches, its 2 years later when a remaster is made, the way its meant to be played is whichever way brings the best experience to the player.
Here is a quote from Tabata, Final Fantasy 15's Director on a possible PC release:
"“This version could incorporate things that we were forced to abandon because of the limitations of home consoles. With the PC, this would be an opportunity to release a version far superior in terms of quality and tech"
So tell me, if a PC release for FF15 comes out in a couple years after the console release, from the POV of the developers, which version is the closest to "the way it was meant to be played"... With far superior quality and tech? OR with things they were forced to abandoned due to the hardware limitations of the consoles?

One final thing.
In your opinion, how was Dark Souls 1 meant to be played, with DSFix or without it?

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Ju750d ago

Interesting. Would also be interesting to get the specs of the machine running this. Dips to 10fps quite a bit. But, well, quite an achievement to even hit that.

Hoffmann750d ago

CPU:Intel corei7 4790k
GPU:Geforce 970
RAM:DDR3 Kingston 2400mh 2x8gb
Win 10 64bit

ONESHOTV2749d ago

nice i have the same spec for now until the 1080ti comes out

CPU:Intel core i7 4790k
GPU:Geforce 970 SC
RAM:DDR3 Kingston 2400mh 2x16gb
Win 10 64bit

750d ago
DarkZane750d ago

"Dead Space Extraction being perfectly emulated" ... except for the framerate which seems to be incredibly low.

Princess_Pilfer750d ago

Accuracy is more important. As I understand it, speed is easier to add.

Spyroo749d ago

Audio emulation sucks ass not accurate they need to work on that

Father__Merrin750d ago

will be a long long time until its 100% emulated like the ps2 is

babadivad750d ago

PS2 emulators run games better than the actual PS2. It would be nice if we got there.

Spyroo749d ago

Nah the audio in PS2 emulators are much worse compared to original PS2.

Princess_Pilfer749d ago

It's really not. There are problems in some games yeah, but most I've played are fine. Also being able to render everything at 1080 or 1440p with proper AA and use post processing designed for HD TVs instead of CRT TVs is kinda a big deal. Have you tried playing original PS2 games on an HDTV or, god forbid, a 4k TV? Often times it's a blurry nightmare of upscaling made worse by post processing designed for a completely different type of display.

babadivad749d ago

Forum Pirate

I haven't played a PS2 game that didn't run phenomenally in the PCX2 emulator. Their may be some that don't run great but I haven't found one.

And the games run at MUCH higher fidelity than the original games. When playing FFX the normal game play looks better than the grainy CGIs. I play with 6x resolution and all the bells and whistles. It looks amazing.

Same goes for Tales of the Abyss. It hurts my eyes to play that game with original graphics[on PC]. But crank up the AA and resolution and the game is absolutely gorgeous. And it runs butter smooth.

So that's what I mean by it running games better than the PS2.


I haven't really run into any audio issues.

Princess_Pilfer749d ago

@babadivad That's usually the case if you have a decent computer. I thought that's what i implied.

I have. Psychonauts just crashed on me, Bnurnout 3 either won't render the sky or plays at half speed unless I change the rendering method before loading each race, and baulders gate/2 and NFS underground run super slow (even when I use the disk,) but other than that no problems. 3 out of like 50 having problems is ok (if not ideal) but I'm also pretty sure it's that i have an AMD CPU and the emulator doesn't use multiple cores very well.

Father__Merrin749d ago (Edited 749d ago )

i use my pcx2 running natively how it used to be on an orig ps2 i think it just better that way, run into less issues with syncing etc bear in mind i dont game on a monitor i use my plasma so it looks great

Princess_Pilfer749d ago


You do know that it changes many of the post processing effects by defualt right? They were designed for a CRT screen, many of them just don't work properly on modern TVs. The SMT/Persona games in particular look like absolute garbage on a modern TV running on an actual PS2, the emulator fixes that by default. It's not a matter of TV vs Moniter. It's about CRT vs LED/Plasma.

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