Dragon Age 2 console video gameplay

Here you will see a video demonstration of the gameplay of the new DRAGON AGE 2 in consoles

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ZombieAutopsy2967d ago

Wonder if Bioware are making the console version this time around, the first one is great just bought it a while back and can't wait to try the 2nd I just hope it has co-op.

dragonelite2967d ago

DA:O was on consoles.
Or are you speaking of a other game ?

ZombieAutopsy2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

I mean I wonder if they are developing it this time for consoles, DA:O I believe was outsource to Edge of Reality.

evrfighter2967d ago


its dynasty warriors: DA edition.

RIP Dragon Age feels like I hardly knew ya. The console virus has killed off another franchise.

ExplosionSauce2967d ago

While I found the "Dynasty Warriors" comment funny. How in the world are consoles to blame!?

raztad2967d ago

I think the PC version is gonna play the same as DA:O, if I'm not mistaken. The gameplay in the video is more suited to consoles.

corneliuscrust2967d ago

Spot on with the dynasty warriors comment. But DAO suffered from this kind of combat as not sure why DA is dead NOW when the first game had the same combat feel

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Christopher2967d ago

It's a tactical combat system made to look like a free-flowing action combat system.

Lots of people on YouTube say it even looks like DMC, but it's far from the same gameplay. I think the clunky feeling you're getting is the pause between the tactical combat options which simulate a turn-based feel in real time.

timmyrulz2967d ago

I think it looks much better than the first in the Graphics dept, loved the first game - day one for me

ultramoot2967d ago

Hmm...I really don't see much of an improvement in terms of graphics. But Dragon Age was never really about good graphics. It was the gameplay and storytelling that made it great.

The gameplay here looks a little bit different, but it looks like it still needs a lot of work.

XXXCouture2967d ago

did you try the console versions? the graphics on those two looked like something from a ps2

corneliuscrust2967d ago

DAO looked incredible running on a decent PC

XXXCouture2967d ago

we arent talking about the pc version now. look at the headlind of the article

corneliuscrust2967d ago

This is what I was referring to. DAO was about good graphics, just not on consoles.

Baka-akaB2966d ago

even on pc and with shitload of mods , the game didnt look really good .

Higher resolution got its limits

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Eizet2967d ago

nice gameplay with Queen on background too!

Beahmscream2967d ago

haha why would they play Queen? O.o

Lavalamp2967d ago

Why WOULDN'T they play Queen?

PidgeottosCrew2966d ago

New Guitar Hero, I believe.

Kran2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

Cant wait to play this at Eurogamer this Friday :)

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The story is too old to be commented.