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Mark and Dan hash out review scores for Halo: Reach and decide that the campaign is good for what ails ya. This is arguably the most honest Halo review you will see on the net.

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Prcko2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

This game can get a score 1,but it will sell A LOT!!!
Game has a lot of fans,and i need to mention that halo was almost in every bundle package!!!

Halo game is something like Gran turismo on playsation!!!

Since the franchise’s first entry in December 1997,over 56 million units have been sold worldwide for the PlayStation, PlayStation 2,and PlayStation 3

m232946d ago

Is it cool now to hate on good, fun games?

NinjaAssassin2946d ago

Well, not exactly. Some people THINK they are cool to hate on good, popular games.

It's like that with anything. As soon as something becomes very successful there are always those losers that think they are trendy or cool to hate on that popular thing.

ryuzu2946d ago

Is it cool to insist that everyone likes exactly the same thing you like?


Spydiggity2946d ago

that's what i was thinking. at first i was with them. but when the dude on the left said he was blown away by parts in MW2, i stopped watching/caring.

Upbeat2946d ago

Well to be honest i thought mw2 and mw had parts that where never done in fps games before. i wouldnt go as far to say that the mw2 campaign blew me away but parts did make me go " wow "

Spydiggity2946d ago

you're easily amused, i suppose. i thought it was a buncha cut scene garbage with generic shooting. the parts that were semi-memorable were the parts on rails where the game basically played it for you. like the identical endings, the snow mobile parts, and the terrorist part. halo's major parts are usually open ended and can pan out multiple ways and it's all on YOU to make them work. the game doesn't just kill enemies or save you to keep it flowing.

COD is an unoriginal, boring game designed to have mass appeal to the primary consumers...aka the twilight crowd, aka the sheeple

PtRoLLFacE2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

so this guy implies that modern warfare 2 has a better campaign than halo reach, i stopped watching right there

drewboy7042946d ago

I read your comment and i didn't even watch it

randomwiz2946d ago

I agree and disagree with that. The story was much better in reach, but it was just kill these waves of enemies, cut scene, kill next wave of enemies, move on, kill another wave of enemies, space battles(not as great as i thought they would be). At least there was some variety in MW2.

But who buys reach for its single player? Multiplayer is where its at, and it greatly exceeds the noob fest that is MW2.

NinjaAssassin2946d ago

I buy Halo in large part because of its campaign. It has the best narrative in any FPS, in my opinion. I have always enjoyed the Halo campaigns.

tacosRcool2946d ago

Play HL2 and thats all you need. Halo ain't got nothing on HL2

Upbeat2946d ago

i have never agreed with someone more! that last sentence sums it up to a tee

StanLee2946d ago

So did I. I literally started laughing out loud!

Gam3s4lif32946d ago

hav you guys noticed tht all these guys do and point out everything tht is bad in every game?

kneon2946d ago

What's wrong with that? It's much better than all the sites that give games a free pass and overlook all the problems just because they have some emotional attachment to a particular game franchise or developer. Every game has it's problems and there is no reason these problems shouldn't be exposed and discussed.

mike90772946d ago

singleplayer is decent but the multiplayer is beast

etownone2946d ago

I thought the single player was fuckin epic!! The story, cutscenes, battles, and ending .... well done!! especially played side by side with my 3 other buddies.

RedDead2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

Thought the ending was handled poorly, SPOILERZZZZXXXXXLLLLLLLLLLLLLL LLLLLLLLLLLL He could've gotten an epic death scene with great music and a great reason to die. Not giving up when his mission was accomplished

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