Three Problems With Halo: Reach Multiplayer

P*N: I have beef with Halo: Reach Multiplayer, and not the good kind. What does that mean?

Rally. When I first dove into matchmaking, I saw “Rally” as a possible gameplay mode. I looked over at my buddy who had nothing to offer but a quizzical expression. We were both wondering what Rally was when a voice declared, “F***ing Rally.” Foresight is 20/20.

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awiseman3338d ago

im not even sure thos are even "problems".

-Alpha3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

These reasons are pretty nonsense, but I can give you some good ones, Also, SWAT isn't a game mode where CQC "reigns", I don't know why he expects that. My problems are largely minor:

-Lag in firefight
-Tank power. The shots need a longer load time between each strike (promised to change set up in October's update)
-The damn drop shield in objective games. Should NOT be there (will be removed in next update)
-Lack of maps in Invasion, though I expect this to change
-Need more playists, SWAT needs its own, and so does Infection (this is promised to change in October's update too)
-The fact that you can't have Theater parties suck

I have more, I know I do, but I'll add them later. Overall the MP is pretty damn great, favorite one this year, but there are a few issues to iron out.

WildArmed3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

You forgot a big one:
very addicting and will have negative effect on the rest of your life x_x

Oh, btw the few online firefight, but usually I am playing splitscreen on when I'm @ my friends.. so i guess i never have time to notice.

PtRoLLFacE3338d ago

there is nothing wrong with the tank, is just that there is no anti-vehicle on the maps, i mean on hemorrhage the rocket launcher is gone from the middle where it was in halo 1 and 2, but next update bungie is changing the tanks for wraiths

DelbertGrady3338d ago

-Lag in firefight

You can avoid that by crossing "good connection" as a criteria before you search for games.

Lich1203338d ago

One thing that is extremely lame is the auto-boot option people get for even one betrayal.

I was playing a Sniper Match on Countdown. Normally not my best game mode (or map even) but for some reason this time I was tearing it up. I think I was 17-3 when a foolish teammate (who was a whiny teenager no less) strafs in front of me during a shootout. I blow his head off by accident. This is my first betrayal, and he boots me. One betrayal should never be grounds for booting. Ive had this happen another time in a sniper match, but that person at least had the decency to only slay me and not actually boot.

Why am I getting punished for absent minded people running in front of my fights?

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StanLee3337d ago

I've seen a number of complaints about Firefight Matchmaking and admittedly, it is short but the alternative is Firefight Classic that can go on for hours and have persons quit. There is on problem I find with Halo Reach's multiplayer and it's the God awful lag in Firefight. It's bad!

GOODKyle3338d ago

not very good writing in general too

003338d ago

But I notice with the announcement of the quit ban people are not doing it as much as halo 3.

Dorwrath3338d ago

It seems way worse in Reach than Halo 3. Ithink ever game I have played at least one person quits,the norm is 3 to 4 (play big team)

003338d ago

people always quit in BTB, but I found halo 3 to be horrible compared to reach for quitter in my experience anyways.

Roozium3338d ago


That's because people from CoD comes to Halo now. Everytime they go negative (which they do alot) they quit, just like in CoD.

ShadowJetX3338d ago

Biggest problem me and my friend encountered were morons who would enter a game and complain they didn't understand what was goin on. That and the whiny 12 year olds who find it necessary to swear as much they can while calling everyone f**s and losers.

But then again, we also noticed a person or 2 quitting every game, and the way bungie had stop all the action because of it. Never had this particular problem whenever I played/play MGO, if someone quit the worst problem is an unbalanced game.

Though I do admit I had fun playing reach's multiplayer yeah (much, much more then the beta I might add, which felt like it changed nothing when compared to halo 3 yeah).

BX813338d ago

I quit all the time! In fact I've already been banned but I could care less and here is why. I like to play big team and the 4 on 4. I've noticed that when playing 4 on 4 if snipers comes up 7 times out of 10 snipers gets picked and I hate snipers. So I quit and could care less about the 15min ban. I'm also banned from using the file share for some reason. I used it once in halo 3 to make a map then I used forge for 20min to start making a map and all of a sudden I'm banned? Weird but could care less I'm not good at making maps any way!

user83971443338d ago

Yes people quits alot in Reach. I was playing Capture the Flag 4vs4 and we end up being 4vs1 lol

Jaces3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

freakin SWAT...gahhh that's the only mode I hate and everyone always votes for it!! ):<

Everything else though is pretty fun. :D

EDIT: just saw the comment below, HOORAY!!! Now I can play team slayer in peace!

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