Halo: Reach - DMR vs. Needle Rifle

How have people found the transition from BR to DMR? Is the Needle Rifle now the gun of choice, or does the DMR win the hearts of players who are lost without their Battle Rifle?

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jidery2958d ago

This guy spends the whole time bragging about how he has skill and others dont, what a tool.

poopface12958d ago

if they dont have a shild, or its down, the needles will blow up after only 3 stick in them. But for shields I think the dmr is better.

I use the DMR in multiplayer and like to use the needle rifle to explode the grunts in SP.

Echo3072957d ago

I think that's kind of the unwritten rule when it comes to shields. Standard UNSC ammo is best at draining them, but if they're already drained, Covenant weapons = a quick death.

jdktech20102957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

It depends, plasma rifles and pistols are great for getting shields down and then the assault rifle and any headshot weapon can finish the guy off.

Personally, I prefer the DMR by far but the needle rifle is fun too for a change of pace

smilydude132957d ago

Actually it's generally the opposite.

crzyjackbauer2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

u just got half way on legendary and the needle rifle is my best choice againts Elites, its faster and i can just hold the trigger down when shooting
i can waste two and a half clips of DMR on a Zelot and not take his shield away, god i hate those Zelots

the DMR is good againts Jackels and Grunts
i still havent found a quick way to kill a Hunter except a headshot from a sniper rifle but thats if i find one

Jack-Pyro2957d ago

I prefer the Needle Rife, but that's just me, it's also because when ever I spawn with it, I also spawn with Plasma Grenades.

m232957d ago

I prefer the DMR more. I tend to get a lot more kills with it, that's not to say the needle rifle is crap. It's fun to use the needle rifle in single player though or even firefight.

Neko_Mega2957d ago

Needle rife is good for head shots, dmr is all around good.

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The story is too old to be commented.