Halo: Reach Freezing Old Xbox 360's

News is trickling across the internet that Bungie’s latest videogame opus, Halo Reach, is causing older models of the Xbox 360 to freeze. From what we are hearing the problem occurs either in the first few missions or during loading screens. The error either freezes the screen or pops up the “cannot read disc” error. Installing the game also doesn’t seem to fix the problem, as users get a blank green screen shortly after loading the game. The issue is apparently plaguing older 360s for the most part, particularly first year Pro models with the 20GB harddrive and is not necessarily disc related.

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JonahFalcon2956d ago

This is not uncommon. People with PSOne and PS2 Slims are well aware that sometimes games don't translate well to new models, and vice versa.

darthv722956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

i am playing it on both an 05 pro launch unit and an 07 elite.

Looks like i need to go get a new slim if i want to be able to finish the game. /s

ProjectVulcan2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

Arrrrrrrg i have a launch xenon pro but with a 120GB on it

number472956d ago

Also none of the titles were the largest release of the console(halo)

Killzone worked perfectly fine on old PS2's and new PS2's..which was the consoles most taxing game. You can't justify MS's engineering blunders with a hand full of old sony issues that no longer exist in this generation, for any console.

Just goes to show they aren't researching others mistakes, and improving.

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callahan092956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

I have the 20gb Halo 3 green xbox 360 from sept. 2007, and the game has so far worked fine for me on it. There is actually some stuttering with the frame-rate, but that might just be the game itself and not my old machine that can't run it perfectly.

ELite_Ghost2956d ago

yea there's framerate drops sometimes its not ur console

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KratosGirI2956d ago

Haven't encountered a freeze or crash yet on my 60GB Pro.

JonahFalcon2956d ago

The 60GB Pro came out in the second year. This is affecting mostly first year 360's.

Lombax2956d ago

I'm surprised that there are still functional year one 360s out there.

TheoreticalParticle2956d ago

Yup. Mine's one of them. I had to play through the opening sequence 5 different times. It would randomly seize up any time it needed to load. If I hit the Guide button, it would play the sound to being up the dashboard menu, but it would never recover. I had to swap out 360s in order to get it to get past the first chapter.

This is supposed to be something you test for, Microsoft!

Bnet3432956d ago

I got 20 GB Xbox 360. Hasn't frozen on me once.

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