Playstation Moves Ahead

The big video game companies always need something good to fight over; the best exclusives, the best hardware, the best online. Kinect vs. Move is the latest video game show down. It’s been a fairly close race, but some of the latest details have tipped the balances in Sony’s favour.

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Dance3929d ago

nothing fanboyish about this article at all

skip2mylou3927d ago

o please like your not a fanboy

sikbeta3927d ago


It's called Irony... don't waste your time trying to explain to this dude...

MisterNiwa3927d ago

Well a friend got 2 move controllers today, augmented reality works very well.

Can't expect much from Kinect in this way, I played both on the gamescom before and I am going to buy Move to 100% once LBP2 is out.

Bigpappy3927d ago (Edited 3927d ago )

You could have point to Amazon, where the Move is leading or the reviewer giving the Move a lot of praise even when they are not as kind to the launch games. But NO! You got to go for the kill and make voice localization this big f'ing deal. What a stupid article.

You are excused because you want to get a few hits to make yourself feel good. But who approved this?

TheStonedSheep3929d ago

Have you read my article? All my opinions I have justified, and anything else was news I was reporting.

ingiomar3929d ago

Yeah.. and its crap try not to seem so fanboyish next time

R2D23929d ago (Edited 3929d ago )

Stick to your day job and stop being a sheep with the Justin Bieber hate.

Agent-863929d ago (Edited 3929d ago )

I agree with just about every point you made in your article, but the title needs some work. Now, I hate the Kinect as probably most true gamers do; however, calling it racist is extreme. Sure, it locks out certain regions from using the voice recognition at launch, but that's not racist: just another example of its promises not matching reality (I still LOL at that physics demo....god is that horrible).

TheStonedSheep3928d ago (Edited 3928d ago )

Done, and done. Thank you for the constructive feedback.

@ingiomar I would like to know very much what you found so fanboy-ish about my article.

drewboy7043927d ago

The majority of people with 360s live in America. Spanish and English. Most of the rest live in England or Japan. Japanese and English. Its all good

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btk3929d ago

OK - so this guy does not like Justin Bieber and 14 year olds.
Other than that - stating the obvious. Kinect is having problems, Move is getting good reviews. Even the media becoming more skeptical about Kinect, more enthusiasm for Move.

drewboy7043927d ago

So i can't practice my chinese while playing video games damn!! also an 8/10 is a GREAT review from game informer. Finally I like how people say Kinects way more expensive while it costs as much as 3 PS wands(no navigation controllers). The games for the two are what decides which ones better.

dalibor3927d ago

To all PS fans out there it's time to Kinect with the PS Move for it might turn out to be fun.

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