Mass Effect Delayed

It seems retailers have started emailing all their customers who have preordered Bioware's Mass Effect.

Mass Effect has been delayed for a total of over 8 months now, but the latest delay seems like a strategic move, opposed to the previous delays which required more time for the games development.

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thereapersson5651d ago

It still sucks for the people who were waiting on the original date. Not for me though, as I probably won't have a 360 until then, so it will provide a perfect opportunity to pick up this game at a later date.

This game has amazing visuals!

ALI-G5651d ago

so i guess the rumor about Lost Oddesy having silent delay is true

Rhaigun5651d ago could be refering to the Australian release date.

N4Gworks4Sony5650d ago

why is this news still here in the headlines, it already has been proven to be false. just more proof that this website works for sony

resistance1005650d ago

If you was aware on how this site works, you would relise that storys remain up providing that they are popular.

If you really are convinced that this site works for sony, you really need some thinking to do.

Also why would Mass Effect being delayed a couple of weeks have anything to do with sony

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alexander22rednaxela5651d ago (Edited 5651d ago )

This is not confirmed by Bioware and can`t and should not be viewed as fact until then, N4G members you should remember the flops retailers have made this generation.

The christmas shopping season starts around mid-late-november, so this can`t be viewed as very strategic.

carlman235651d ago

When I read the title of this story I got scared! A week or two (if true) ain't too bad.

PS360PCROCKS5651d ago

ME TO! My mouth dropped in horror!

codeazrael5650d ago

Although I went into panic mode instantly when I seen this post on main page, as long as it is released this year, I am happy. Damn, do you see those visuals???

Zhuk5651d ago

hope its not true! :)

macsto5651d ago

look at all these idiots reporting this article, he fixes all the errors and you still report him

TriggerHappy5651d ago (Edited 5651d ago )

You know if the article was fixed, the reports would have gone away themselves if the contributor had updated the story,

pff..shows how much you know.

macsto5651d ago

thats the thing, HE DID fix it up, multiple times, check the history.