No Added Sugar review: Halo Reach impresses, but not necessarily where it matters.

No Added Sugar's Chris gives a hype-free review of this years biggest game so far.

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NeoKubrick3418d ago

That's a nice review. I haven't played Halo: Reach, yet, but to your point about the mystique, I have found that the problem is that most reviewers have praised iterations of the main series for utterly wrong reasons and with flawed arguments. When those that don't like the game expose the flaws of these arguments which conclude Halo equals good, they assume that therefore the opposite is automatically true (equals bad).

I cannot wait to see if Bungie have retrograded to the great thirty seconds of fun of Halo and Halo 2. If they succeed at that, I'll be pleased to see it end and see Bungie create a fresh new game property.

tallandmerciless3418d ago

You're spot on there, once you praise the first game for what are perhaps the wrong reasons then you've backed yourself into a corner for subsequent reviews.

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IQUITN4G3418d ago

The usual pricks on here i see.Not long now for this baby

Nicky73418d ago

The usual pricks, you mean the majority of N4G users.

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